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Brush Strokes The Complete Collection Rare UK TV
on DVD. BBC series originally aired from 1986 onwards.
Jacko is a house painter who "appreciates" women, he sees the
best in each one of them and they in turn, like him. Will he find
true love ? Will he settle down as he gets older ?
Starring Karl Howman and Howard 'Lew' Lewis
Complete set, all 40 episodes from series 1 to 6, taken from TV
recordings direct to a digital source with audio and video both
being very good indeed.

Presented on 4 high quality DVDRs housed in 4 way case with
custom artwork in the form of a glossy sleeve and printed discs
Each disc has a custom picture menu allowing you to select
each individual episode or to play all

Please Note: This series has had an official release of only
the first 2 series (13 episodes) which is now out of print and
commanding high prices on Amazon and Ebay (£40+). There are
currently no plans for the remaining 4 series to be released.
Total Running time: Approximately 16 hours.
The DVDs are Region free and PAL format. Buyers
from outside Europe should ensure their players are capable of
playing PAL encoded material by googling the players make and model
number + the word 'specifications'. I cannot be held responsible
for incompatibility issues although I will happily replace any
faulty discs.
Check my feedback and buy with confodence.