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A muscle fantasy video from a company called: "Muscle East Video" The video appears to have been produced in the 1990's. It was originally on VHS, then transferred to DVD. I did a search on the internet for "Muscle East Video", but could not find anything on them. The video starts out with guy walking in the woods, he comes across a bodybuilder flexing next to a stream. Bodybuilders keep popping up out of no where. No dialogue, which kind of adds to the allure. Just a sort of fantasy-type music. Kind of a classical/gothic mix, would be good as background music at a party. "Into the Woods" may not be filled with imaginative lyrics and cute costuming (well, there is some of that ... ) but it is like a cross between "The Blair Witch Project" and "The Forest of Magical Muscle Worship." The "Little Red Riding Hood" of this bulging bis-and-tris allegory is a young muscle stud (Jason Dayberry) with an amazing set of pecs and an even more amazing set of dark, large, and totally suckable nipples. And, even before he takes his clothes off, you can tell he has an amazing, worship-worthy body. By the time he gets most of his gear off, you find out you’re wrong -- he actually has an unworldly, fantastic body, a V-shaped torso and 6-pack abs, and is by far the most outstanding stud in the entire cast, which, in a cast of many, is quite a compliment. On his journey through the forest, as he encounters muscle guys of every type -- they shed their clothes (no nudity) and pose down, flexing and showing off for the camera. Whatever clothing they have on to begin with is minimal, and they quickly strip down to posing suits or underwear. All of the guys are truly magnificent, and have obviously taken a lot of time to create bodies that are out of this world. Then, as quickly as they appear, they blink out of sight -- kind of like Endora, only without the dramatic hand gestures and six layers of eye shadow. And our hot young stud continues his journey. The production values of "Into the Woods" are mostly fine, with the exception of one segment, which is almost too dark to see. The idea is that there is (I think) an eclipse of the sun, or maybe the sun goes behind a cloud for a minute, but the shot is so dark that you can hardly make it out. The other guys in the video, though, are filmed in brighter light. This DVD is filled with the kind of hot bodies muscle worship fans everywhere can appreciate. DVD does NOT contain sex or nudity. Running time is 75 minutes. All images are direct scans from the DVD.