Item Description
Blade for Hubsan X4 H107L H107C H107D H108C H6C CX-30 JXD385 88 392 Propeller Package for Hubsan X4:H107L H107C H107D JJRC H108C H6C 1000A 1000B CX-30 CX-30W CX-30S JXD385 JXD88 JXD392 Description: Model:KH107C-008A Item Name:Propeller Suitable For:HubsanX4:H107L,H107C,H107D, Cheerson CX-30 CX-30W ,CX-30S, JJRC H108C,H6C, 1000A, 1000B, JXD JXD385,JXD88 ,"JXD392 Special Box Size:6.5cmx6.2cmx2.2cm Weight(Propeller and Special Box and Split Paddle Device):21.5g Package Included: 1xSpecial Box 2xBlack Propeller 2xWhite Propeller 2xGreen Propeller 2xRed Propeller 1xSplit Paddle Device SKU209712