Black Lotus - Board Game MTG Playmat Games Mousepad Tab
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Brand Unbranded
Condition New
Country region of manufacture China
Item type Playmat
Language English
Upc 722704911238
Estimated Shipping 15 - 20 Days
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US $ 18.99
US $ 18.99
US $ 8.99
US $ 8.99
US $ 8.99
US $ 8.99
US $ 7.99
US $ 15.99

Product Name: MTG Board Games Mat

Product Material: Natural Rubber + Slippery Cloth
Product Dimensions:60*35CM
Product Thickness: 2MM
Product Technology: High Quality Ink High Definition Printing
Product Features: Bright Color, Precision Tissue, Bottom Antiskid Lines
Note: All products are subject to the main picture, other drawings are only the effect display, not the product itself.
Remarks: If you need to customize, please contact customer service
Matters Needing Attention:Rubber is in the process of making, it will produce some rubber taste. It takes about 2-3 days and the smell will disappear. Excuse me, if you mind, please consider the payment again!!!
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