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Sure, Bits And Pieces features the first (and only) use of
male-strippers-as-padding in an early 80s trash film. But, the film
also provides a handy "Guide To Scoring With Your Star Witness" for
balding, middle-aged police lieutenants who say things like
"SHEEEIIIT! We gotta stop this f-in' psycho!". Exegesis: Everyone
in the world can benefit from the grimy gibberish that is
Bits And Pieces. Given the chance, everyone will. We've
only just begun.
Club 2001 is open. The synth-pop is mentally challenged. The
women are loose, but picky. And the strippers? They're dudes. It is
here that meek Mr. Arthur channels George McFly whilst stalking his
female prey. Prey which, of course, end up trussed, stabbed, and
dismembered in his oily shack. Why, Arthur, why?! Did your Mommy
catch you peeking in on her sexcapades? And then dress you up as a
girl at her boyfriend's insistence? And now you're an adult who
kills women because they're all daytime whores -- just like Mommy?
Yes? I think I'm onto something. Luckily, the aforementioned cop, a
college student named Rosie, and an air-conducting father (like
air-guitar, but strictly Classical) are onto the same thing. Still,
we've only just begun.
Remember "Crazed"?It was downbeat, cheap, and provided an
earnest, if difficult, interpretation of psycho-sexual perversion.
Now, imagine all of that, but subtract the "difficult" and add
"confused". There be
Bits And Pieces, a film from one-time/best-time director
Leland Thomas, which translates apparent simplicity into a far more
palpable form of junk entertainment. This is groundless, majestic
stupidity. Behold: Body oil. Sweat. Blood. Too much bondage.
Beach/love montage. An insult known only as "apple ass". Frequent
establishing shots. Baffling outbursts. No names 'til the 40 minute
mark. Ethel Merman “Mommy” overdubs. Jacuzzis. Camaros.
Water-stained ceilings. Random guitar solos. And yes, a tense and
violent climax. Sheeeiiit. (review by

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