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BEAU-PERE (Stepfather) is a beautifully woven story of love that just happens to touch on the aspect of an older man falling in love with a fourteen year old girl - and his step-daughter at that! Remi (Patrick Dewaere) is a salon piano player, narrating how lonely is that life, that it keeps him apart from his fashion model wife Martine(Nicole Garcia). The superimposed distance of their careers leads them to the brink of separation when suddenly Martine is killed in an auto accident. This leaves the Remi to care for his 14 year old stepdaughter Marion (a radiant Ariel Besse). She wants to continues living with Remi instead of her biologic father who is an alcoholic and cold man. In the end Marion admits her love for Remi, lives with him as a lover, and eventually grows into the streams that life unfolds: Remi evetually falls in love with a painist his own age and Marion accepts here real father as the one who is more needy of her afection. Though the term "pedophilia" could be applied here, it is so gently and sophistcated captured that it seems as natural as Remi and Marion feel. The cast (including the the stil lovely Nathalie Baye) is uniformly excellent and Bertrand Blier has created a timeless movie that bears repeated watching.

Dvd+R Very Good Quality. 'Beau Pere' Language In French. English Subtitled

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