Item Description
IN 1968, the Beatles recorded exhaustively for what was supposed
to be their return to their roots album, GET BACK. Filming went on
non-stop during these recording sessions for what was planned to be
a major motion picture release to coincide with the album. The
whole thing ended up being scrapped and was resurrected
post-breakup as LET IT BE. A bootleg 3 album set appeared sometime
in 1969 called THE BLACK ALBUM. It mimicked but was opposite
to the white album in artistic design with an all-black
sleeve. It also contained a quite racy poster which doppleganged
for the cleaner one in the WHITE ALBUM. Unforntunately, I don't
have the poster but I do have the songs. The original BLACK ALBUM
tracks are contained on the first 2 CDs of this set in original LP
sequence. The third CD is a bonus of rarities and demos.
Disc 1: 1.Tennessee 2. House of the Rising Sun 3.
Commonwealth 4. White Power 5. Winston, Richard, & John 6. Hi
Ho Silver 7. For You Blue 8. Let It Be 9. Get Back 10. Don't Let Me
Down 11. On Our Way Home 12. In Studio 13. Don't let Me Down 14.
Suzy Parker 15. I've Got A Fever 16. No Pakistanis 17. Let It Be
18. Be Bop A Lula 19. She Came In Through The... 20. High Helled
Sneakers 21. Domino 22. I Me Mine 23. I've Got A Feeling 24. One
After 909
Disc 2: 1. She Came In Through the Bathroom Window 2. Penina 3.
Shaking In The Sixties 4. Good Rocking Tonight 5. Across the
Universe 6. Two of Us 7. I Threw It All Away/ Mama You've Been On
My Mind 8. Early In The Morning/ Hi Ho Silver 9. Stand By Me 10.
Hare Krishna 11. Two of Us 12. Don't Let me Down 13. I've Got A
Feeling 14. One After 909 15. Too Bad About Sorrows 16. She Said,
She Said 17. Mean Mr. Mustard 18. All Things Must Pass 19. A
Fool Like Me 20. You Win Again 21. She Came In Through The
Bathroom Window 22. Mean Mr. Mustard 23. Watching Rainbows 24.
Beatle Jam
Disc 3: 1. India 2. Revolution Demo 3. Everybody Has Something
To Hide Except For Me & My Monkey Demo 4. Blowin In The Wind/
Lucille 5. Circles 6. Rocky Raccoon Demo 7. Michelle Demo 8.
Strawberry Fields/Help/Give Peace a Chance Medley (McCartney Live)
9. Real Love (Lennon Solo Demo) 10. Beautiful Boy Demo ( Lennon
Solo) 11. Back In The USSR Demo 12. The Continuing Adventures of
Bungalow Bill Demo 13. Why Don't We Do It In The Road? Demo 14. No
Reply Rehearsal 15. Something Demo 16. Sour Milk Sea (Jackie Lomax
& George) 17. Strawberry Fields Forever Demo 18. Polythene Pam
Demo 19. She Said, She said 20. Great Balls of Fire 21. Suicide 22.
You can Talk To Me 23. Strawberry Fields Forever
There is no cover art with these cds as the cover art for the
BLACK ALBUM was pure black with a white BEATLES.