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Vintage Knitting Patterns Book
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Beehive Series No. 35, c 1940s, 33 pages

Collections of sweater jackets, leggings, bonnets and bootees; dresses, shawls and blankets for babies to knit and crochet; from first size to twelve months.

First Size: Wee Willie Winkie sweater Coat, Bootees, Mitts, Bonnet to knit.

Three Months: Eyelet sweater Coat to knit; Peter Pumpkin Eater sweater Coat and Leggings set to knit (cover); Little Bo Peep sweater Coat, Bonnet, Bootees, Mitts to knit; Crocheted Dress; Round Yoke sweater Coat to knit.

Six Months: Lacey Dress, Bonnet and Bootees to knit; Tweedle-Dum Pullover sweater and Leggings set to knit; Tweedle-Dee sweater Coat and Bonnet set to knit; Sing a Song of Sixpence sweater Coat and Panties to knit.

Eight Months: Little Miss Muffet sweater Coat; Dress and Panties to knit; Little Tommy Tucker sweater Vest and Panties to knit.

Twelve Months: Girl's sweater Cardigan to knit; Boy's Pullover sweater and Panties to knit; Crocheted Pullover sweater; Pat-a-Cake Girl's sweater Jacket and bonnet to knit; This Little Pig Boy's sweater Cardigan to knit; Mistress Mary Girl's Dress to knit; Peek-a-Boo Girl's Dress and Bootees to knit.

Blankets and Shawls: Trellis Cover, Random Cover, Smocked Cover to knit; Crocheted Triangular Shawl; Plain knitted Shawl with crocheted edge.

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