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Start Your Own Auction Website With Our Software
Includes: Chatters Cafe, Menus, Sub Titles, Shipping Cost, And More....

This is our Newest Version ( v.10 )

Lots of new features and functions = <--New-->

Comes With 3 Home Page Layouts, it's your choice!

"Instant Download After Purchase"

NOTE: We are the Original Designers of the Auction Software.

FREE Support With All Purchases!

The Software comes with All Customizable Currencies!
( USA - $ ) ( Canada - C ) (Euro - € ) (United Kingdom - £ ) (Japan - ¥ ) (Australia - $A ) & Lots more... <--New-->
This is a real time auction software package, NOT an affiliate website.
It's fully functional online auction software and it's 100% Self-contained.

All you need is a Registered Domain Name & ANY Reliable Linux Hosting Server.
Our auction software is designed to be very user and customer friendly.
This auction software is design to run on any Linux hosting Server in the www directory & cgi-bin directory <--New-->
The auction creates it's own database, which means you Do Not need MSQL to run this software.

The files are vary easy to install on your hosting server and comes with easy to read Installation steps.
If you are unfamiliar with cgi-bin files and want us to install the software for you, we do offer this service.

Read About: The Auction Software Features & Visit Our Auction Demo (v.10)
  • Setup the categories, page colors, posting fees, site name/logos, or turn off unwanted features all in one setup file.
  • Currency Customizable - can use most all world currencies.
    (See below for more Info)
  • Unlimited Categories.
  • Post an Auction Item using uploaded or linked images to be viewed with a Posted Auction item. Image will auto delete when the auction has expired! 
    (This feature can be turned on or off)
  • Dutch Fixed Price Auctions for multiple items with e-mail confirmation and quantity bided on.
    (This feature can be turned on or off)
  • Sub Titles in Auction listings. <--New-->
  • Shipping Cost and Carriers In Auction Listings. <--New-->
  • Home Page Featured Auction Listings.
  • Home Page Featured Image Gallery Auctions.
  • Buy It Now feature for auction items with no bids placed!
    (This feature can be turned on or off)
  • Category Featured Auctions.
  • Bold and Highlighted Background Listings.
  • Auction Bidding Confirmation Display.
  • Payment / Shipping / Display <--New-->
  • Ask the Seller a Question Forum.
  • Seller and Buyer Feedback. <--New-->
  • Ban users from bidding on your items.
  • Editable Auction Item Description.
  • View Sellers other auction items.
  • Registration Referral Credit to the referring registered user.
  • Mail to a Friend Feature.
  • Confirmation e-mail sent for new items.
  • View Closed, Won, Sold, Not Sold Auction Items.
  • Billing receipt  info sent for new items posted.
    (This feature can be turned on or off)
  • Bid and Outbid Notice sent to buyer via email.
  • Closing item email sent to Buyer and Seller.
  • Deletes Closed Auctions after "X many" days.
  • Lost Password look up.
  • Lost User Handle look up.
  • User MyPage.
  • User MyStore <--New-->
  • Suggest a New Category.
  • Users can track items.
  • Report Fraud.
  • Auto Relist Option.
  • New User Registration Credit.
  • Chat Cafe.
  • New Auctions. <--New-->
  • Hot Auctions. <--New-->
  • Ending Auctions. <--New-->
  • Picture Auctions. <--New-->
  • Reserve Auctions. <--New-->
  • Dutch Auctions. <--New-->
  • ButItNow Auctions. <--New-->
  • Reserve Auctions. <--New-->
  • Attention Grabbers.
  • Rotating Banner Advertising.
Auction Administration & Accounting System ↓
  • Email all registered Users.
  • View, Edit or Delete Auction Items.
  • Suspend or Reinstate a Registered User.
  • Ban a user email address from registering.
  • Ban a users IP address from registering.
  • Ban free email accounts from registering.
  • Move an auction item to a different category.
  • View, Edit or Delete Registered Users Accounts
  • A user can login to their account and view all of their charges & posting fees.
  • A user can make a realtime payment to their account using,,,, using one of these the users account will be auto credited in realtime reflecting the payment made to their accounting file.
    (Must have one or more of the accounts listed above to use this feature, this can be turned on or off)
  • The user can store their Credit Card for manual monthly billing.
    (Must have a merchant account to use this feature, this can be turned on or off)
  • When a user post a new auction item, it checks to see if the user has their Credit Card info stored for monthly billing, and if not, it takes them to the Credit Card input screen beef they can post an auction. (This feature can be turned on or off)
  • If you don't use the Credit Card feature above for billing, this can be turned on and the auction will check the users account for a minimum balance be for they can post a new auction item, if below the minimum balance they will be taken to a payment screen.
    (This feature can be turned on or off)
  • Auto monthly invoice to all users with a negative account balance.
    (This feature can be turned on or off)
  • The accounting can bill the seller a percentage of the winning bid at auction end.
    (This feature can be turned on or off)
  • The webmaster/Admin can login to the accounting administration and select the users account to view, there the admin can credit a users account, delete a users account, and send an invoice to the user and much more.
Customizable Auction Fees With These Currencies ↓
( USA - $ ) ( Canada - C ) (Euro - € ) (United Kingdom - £ ) (Japan - ¥ ) (Australia - $A )

Currency Converter On Every Auction Item Listed ↓
This allows all Bidders to Convert the Auction Listing, to there Countries Currency.
Sellers have Plenty of Options to add to there Auction Listings,
Visit the Auction Demo and post a test listing for more detailed Info!
Comes with 3 home page layouts, 1st is the default: ( Click On Any Image Below To View Layout)

Comes with 3 home page layouts, 2nd image is the 2 column: ( Click On Any Image Below To View Layout)

Comes with 3 home page layouts, 3rd image is ending soon: ( Click On Any Image Below To View Layout)

Get Your New Version of our Auction Software For - $34.95

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File size is under (7MB) in a (Zip Format) for fast download.
Easy Installation! - ( 4 Steps )

"Instant Download After Purchase"

The auction files runs inside your (public_html) & (cgi-bin) directory of your hosting server.
Installation docs are Included with a Step by Step install guide and Install FAQ's.
Also, we do offer Installation in the Install guide if you need this service.

FREE Support With All Purchases!

Your Requirements Are: A Registered Domain Name & A Reliable Hosting Server!
We recommend using a Linux Hosting Server running a cpanel.

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Before You Buy; Visit Our Auction Demonstration Website,
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Get Our Newest Version Today! ( v.10 ) For - $34.95

Extra Bonus: We will also Include a Wholesale Vendors List, so you can Get Started Selling on Your New Auction Website. This Vendors List contains Hundreds of Merchandise at Wholesale Price.