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MPEG-4, DivX, WMV, H.264, NTSC, S-Video, composite video
The TV Wonder HD 650 Combo USB TV tuner loads
your system with a complete set of media abilities, transforming
your or notebook into the ultimate entertainment system. The tuner
is flexible enough to be used with either your laptop or desktop,
and is a great complement for watching TV in Windows Media Center.
Attach an amplified high definition antenna1 or your analog TV
cable and you can watch, pause, or record high definition TV on
your desktop. Even analog TV is made brilliant by the advanced 3D
Comb Filter that produces a high-end television and video content
experience with true to-life images. The Motion Adaptive 3D Comb
Filter, Edge Enhancement and Noise Reduction work together to
produce an ultra sharp, pure image that rivals high-end TV sets.
Your TV Wonder 650 is a high-speed USB device that lets you enjoy
over the air digital (ATSC) TV broadcasts on your notebook or
desktop computer. You can also receive analog (NTSC) broadcasts by
connecting your home's TV cable line or external antenna to your
Diamond TV Wonder 650.