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Appalachian Outlaws season 1-2 dvd Ginsing Sang
Season 1-2 on 3 dvds. Ships in sleeves with a detailed episode list.

Appalachian Outlaws
The Appalachian region has the right elevation, rainfall and soil to produce some of the world's best ginseng. With demand for the herb increasing worldwide and supply not able to meet it, the crop's value is approaching $1,000 per pound. As is to be expected with such a valuable commodity, competition is fierce among growers, who are doing whatever it takes -- lawfully or not -- to control as much of the crop as possible. This reality series spotlights some of the diggers, growers and middlemen who make a living wage from the ginseng trade, for which they must defend their land from outsiders trying to get a piece of the pie.

About the series
Appalachian Outlaws is a docu-series reality show that spotlights the life and work of diggers, growers and middlemen who harvest and trade ginseng in the Appalachian Mountains.

For centuries the mountainous landscape of the Appalachians has been a cultural barrier, shielding its inhabitants from the influences of the outside world. But a precious crop grown in the region — ginseng— stirs up a frenzied race to harvest during its short two-month growing season. At the heart of the show are ginseng buyers and competitors, Tony Coffman and Corby Patton. In Appalachian Outlaws, whoever controls the ginseng, controls the mountains — and night Coffman nor Patton are not afraid to get down and dirty to show who’s the real king of the hill.
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