Item Description
You get 
FOUR FULL-LENGTH classic episodes on this
disc! What makes this unique collection special is that each
broadcast was sourced from digital satellite transmissions for a
picture and sound quality rating of 9.5/10. A custom menu is
also provided with chapters by scenes, and the disc is shipped in a
protective sleeve.
A HOME AWAY FROM HOME" (Season Two Premiere)
Starring Ray Milland and Claire Griswold, this chilling episode
also features Virginia Gregg as Miss Gibson, who was voice of the
unseen mother in "Psycho." Robert Bloch wrote the teleplay and was
another "Psycho" contributor.
This episode stars Patricia Barry and three very familiar 1960s
actors: Bernie Koppell, Robert Culp and, as the reporter, Alice
Pearce (the original Gladys Kravitz from "Bewitched").
THE JAR" (Season Two)
Considered one of the grand classics of the dramatic television
anthology genre, it stars Pat Buttram and George Lindsey among many
others, produced and directed by Norman Lloyd. Characterized by an
eerie Bernard Herrmann musical score and brilliantly
Herrmann's musical score and the house built for
"Psycho" provide the framework for a terrifying
tale about two nurses, and is regarded as one of the
best episodes from the entire run of the hour series.