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Title: 무인시대 (武人時代) / Moo In Shi Dae
Also known as: Age of Warriors
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 158
Broadcast network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2003-Feb-08 to 2004-Aug-15
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 10:10 PM

This drama is set in a tumultuous time in Korean history, where warriors led by Jung Joong Bu, Lee Ui Bang, Lee Go and Chae Won rose in rebellion against King Ui Jong of Goryeo and his government, dominated by scholars and ministers, with the aim of establishing military rule.

Suh In Suk as Lee Ui Bang
Kim Heung Ki as Jung Joong Bu
Park Yong Woo as Kyung Dae Seung
Lee Duk Hwa as Lee Ui Min
Choi Choong Hun's family
Kim Gab Soo as Choi Choong Hun
Lee Duk Hee as Mrs. Song (wife)
Jung Jae Gon as Choi Yi (1st son)
Lee David as young Choi Yi
Choi Sung Joon as Choi Hyang (2nd son)
Shin Seung Joon (신승준) as young Choi Hyang
Han Bok Hee (한복희) as Mrs. Yoo (mother)
Kim Hyung Il as Choi Choong Soo (Choong Hun's younger brother)
Lee Byung Wook as Park Jin Jae (Choi Choong Hun's nephew)
Other people
Kim Gyu Chul as King Ui Jong
Kim Byung Se as King Myung Jong
Kim Yoon Kyung as Empress Dowager Im
Kim Bo Mi as Empress Sun Pyung
Choi Ha Na as Princess Soo An
Oh Soo Min as Princess Yeon Hee
Park Byung Sun as King Gang Jong
Lee Ja Young as Myung Choon
Im Hyuk as Doo Kyung Seung (High General, Soaring Falcon Army)
Jun Moo Song as Doo Doo Eul
Jung Young Sook as Court Lady Choi
Heo Jin as Court Lady Jo
Lee Kyung Young as Jo Hwan Kwan
Kim Jong Kyul as Moon Geuk Gyum
Park Byung Ho as Jo Young In
Park Young Ji as Kim Don Joong
Jung Jin Gak as Han Roe
Yoo Byung Joon (유병준) as Wang Gwang Chwi
Kim In Tae as Yoon In Cheom
Kim Joon Mo (김준모) as Yoo Eung Gyu
Kim Sung Won as Han Moon Joon
Lee Il Jae (이일재) as Heo Seung
Kim Ha Kyoon as Kim Kwang Rip
Park Jin Sung as Mang Yi
Ryu Hyun Kyung as Ja Woon Sun
Kim Hong Pyo as Lee Ji Soon
Jung Heung Chae Boo Roo
Yoo Hye Jung as Empress Dowager Im's younger sister
Kwon Yi Ji (권이지) as Oh Rang
Yoon Seung Won as Man Jeok
Lee Woo Suk as Shin Jong
Jung Sun Kyung as Ms. Choi
Jang Dong Jik as Choi Bu
Kim Young Ki as Monk Ja Soon
Jung Ui Kap as Lee Ji Young
Ha Jung Woo as Lee Ji Gwang
Ham So Won as Ah Rang
Choo Sang Mi as Hong Ryun Hwa
Sun Ji Hyun as Ja Woon Sun
Sun Dong Hyuk (선동혁) as No Suk Seung
Hong Il Kwon as Kim Yak Jin
Kim Ki Bok as Baek Im Ji
Choi Nak Hee (최낙희) as Park Soon Pil
Hwang Bum Shik as Lee Kwang Jung
Min Wook as Choi Se Bo
Park Chul Ho as Park Joon Wi
Kim Joo Young as Jo Won Jung
Yoo Jong Geun (유종근) as Lee Young Jin
Kim Hyo Sun (김효선) as So Ryang
Nam Sung Shik (남성식) as Lee Ui Bang's steward
Park Yong Shik (박용식) as Ki Tak Sung
Choi Sang Hoon as Jo Choong
Lee Il Woong as Lee In Ro
Nam Young Jin as Wang Joon Myung
Park Joon Gyu as Lee Go
Kim Myung Kook as Chae Won
Song Yong Tae as Lee So Eung
Shim Woo Chang (심우창) as Yang Sook
Kim Hyo Won (김효원) as Jin Joon
Choi Woon Gyo (최운교) as Oh Sook Bi
Oh Hyun Chul as King Gojong
Chae Min Seo as Queen Sung Pyung
Go Eun Mi as Concubine Soon Joo
Kim Jong Ho (김종호) as Moo Bi's son
Lee Jong Min as Park Jung Boo
Im Chae Won as Bu Yong
Kim Sung Ryung
Lee Mi Ji
Choi Dong Joon
Lee Gun
Kim Hak Joon
Yang Young Joon
Kim Ae Ran
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