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If you're reading this then you know what you're looking for
and yes, you've found it!

National Treasure David Jason stars in this classic
British TV sitcom which ran for 4 seasons and covered 22 episodes
in total.

A brilliant late 1970s sitcom, starring two wonderful comic
actors, David Jason who at the time was famous for Open all Hours,
it was a few years before Only Fools and Horses and Richard Wilson,
who would soon appear in the hit ITV Sitcom Only When I Laugh, and
in 13 years time would star in One Foot in the Grave, his best
remembered role.

In this sitcom Peter Barnes (David Jason), is married to
Shelia (Jacqueline Clarke). Richard Wilson and Alun Armstrong play
different characters in every episode.

I spent fifteen years looking for this series and discovered
that it had never been released but ITC had produced 2 promotional
timecoded videos which were distributed to retailers prior to the
expected release of 2 VHS tapes. This release never happened and it
was believed that Jason himself had blocked the release as he
didn't feel proud of his early work.

My endeavours paid off and I have managed to assemble a total
of 12 episodes onto one DVD which I offer for sale to collecters
here. I also managed to produce artwork for the disc and cover
based on the original unreleased VHS tapes.

Each of the 12 episode runs for approximately 25 minutes.

These are the episodes ypu will find on the DVD:
1 - Your Life In Their Hands
2 - Happy Motoring
3 - Somewhere In The Sun
4 - See You In Court
5 - The Gasman Cometh
6 - Seven Year Hitch

7- The Spare Part
8 - Just Cause Or Impediment
9 - Look Who's Coming For ever
10 - Wheels
11 - Match of the Day
12 - The Train Now standing

The DVD comes in a standard sized DVD case with full colour
glossy cover and full colour printed disc and has a running time of
300 minutes (5 hours!)

Please be aware that these episodes are VHS transfers from
the 1970's and as such are not as good quality as todays HDTV
formats. I have run the episodes through digital enhancement
programs to adjust the sharpness and colour to make them the best
they can possibly be given the source material I had to work with.
The end result is definitely very watchable and fans of the show
will certainly not be disappointed.

I have created full colour background menus for the DVD
displaying full motion video clips taken from each episode allowing
you to watch the episodes back to back or pick your favourites
individually from the menu screens.

Since these episodes have never been repeated on TV or
released in any format they are now considered to be public domain

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Jason DVDs.

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