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A delirious throwback to the glorious days of grindhouse
exploitation, director Todd Morris' 1996 gritty revenge flick is
packed with bloodshed, nudity, anti-social behavior, & a
corrosive feminist agenda. Deborah Twiss (who also co-scripted and
produced) stars as abused wife Jennifer, who arrives at NYC's Port
Authority and is instantly attacked by thugs. She's saved and
instantly embraced by a vanload of castrating female
vigilantes...all sufferingfrom their own various fucked-up
assualts. Working out of a go-go club run by a rape counselor,
these no-nonsense gals sodomize a couple abusive soap opera actors
with pool cues, slaughter a den of crack dealers, plan revenge on a
Supreme Court judge rapist, and turn a snuff-porn peddler's
headquarters into a slaughterhouse. But when a cop is accidently
murdered by these femme avengers, his female partner takes it
personally. Packed with outrageous violence and effectively raw
performances, this follows in the grand tradition of Ms. 45, as a
character driven tale of broken outcasts, and Twiss makes a
vulnerable and compeling centerpiece.
ships in a plain sleeve with no artwork