Item Description
Specifications: Color: Black Material: Metal Diameter 9/16" ( 14mm ) ,(Use 1/2" hammer bits can be) Size: 14x110mm/0.6*4.3 inch Suitable For: Split the hard stone , rock , Granite , concrete. Features: - Easy to use. - High-quality steel, heat treatment process, - High hardness, toughness, - Low cost, cost, versatility, How to use: 1. The next two big head-wedge, the plane would like to put in the hole 2. Central wedge a wedge + 2 composition, first with quarrying dedicated drill holes, remove residual powder hole 3. Then put upside down in a small wedge in the middle wedge, and finally with the hammer Packing Included: 1 x Wedge 2 x Feather More details: 1195912