REXLIS 1/ 1.8/ 3M 3-Pin Male To Mono Shielded Mi
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Specification: 1. Brand: REXLIS2. Product Name: 3-Pin Male to Mono Female Shielded Microphone Cable 3. Product Model: BK3127K4. Interface Type: 3-Pin Male5. Product Length: 1/ 1.8/ 3 M6. Material: Interface: Gold Plated With Spring, Zinc Alloy Casing Wire: Copper Clad Aluminum with ShieldFeature:1. The interface is a gold-plated head with a zinc alloy casing, and the wire is copper clad aluminum with shield, so the transmission effect is very good.2. Widely used in stage, home KTV microphones, amplifiers, mixers.3. Plated gold connector, contact anti-group is better, to prevent oxidation.4. It is used for extended use of interface, so it can be easily inserted and removed after extending the XLR male head.5. Optimize the conductor anti-set so that the signal after the extension is transferred has no effect.Package Includes:1 * 3-Pin Male to Mono Female Shielded Microphone Cable