Item Description
Feature:1.The car power bank compatible with 12v 4.0L and lower gas/petrol engines and 2.5L diesel powered vehicles2.It uses high-power battery that supports fast charging, low self-discharge, up to 3,000 charging cycles3.4 lighting models.High Quality LED Torch4.Very high conversion rate.High Quality battery.5.Very connvenient.can be charge at home and car.6.By using our free connector ,you can use it to provide power for your car refrigerator or other 12V electronics like car cleanerSpecification:Battery capacity: 18000 mAh4 USB output: 5V / 2ACharge input: CC/CV15V - 1AStarting current: 300APeak Current: 600A(3S)Battery life:3000 circlesOperating temperature:-20-85DegreeBattery Size:175 x 80x 30 mmLED illumination light with 4 alarm lights, voltage output indicator and battery indicator.15V / 16V / 19V voltage output indicator lightsUse For:1.Car, mobile phone, PSP, MP3/MP4/MP5,Tablet PC, PDA,Camera etc.2.Car emergency start charging,Enhanced 12V Petrol Version.Petrol Car Generic Version.3.Mobile phone&Digital Product Charging4.SOS FlashlightInstructions For Use:1. Select the appropriate voltage and connector for the electronic device to charge / power supply2. Press the switch to start charging when your device connected with the power bank. If you unplug thecable, auto-sleep will start in one minute.3. Five LED lights will flash circularly during the charging and all lights will keep bright when your device is full-charged.4. During charging for your device, LED lights indicate the balance power of the built-in battery. Four lights indicate 80% balance, threelights indicate 60% balance, two lights indicate 40% balance and one light indicates 20% balance.The built-in battery is empty when all LED lights start to flash.5. Press the switch five seconds to start If you want to use LED for illumination and select the status (light, strobe, SOS, close) by pressingthe switch to transform.6. Store the product in a cool and dry place and away direct sunlight.Package Included:
1 X 80000mAh Power Bank
1 X Laptop Charging Cable
1 X Car Charger
1 X Home Power Plug
8 X Laptop Connector
1 X Storage Battery Wire Clip
1 X English User Manual
1 X Stroage Case

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