Item Description
Stree Overlord is a male enhancement supplement with a story,the supplement originates in a time long ago in Japan.
It is here that the manufacturer states women were sexually satisfied by Overlords of the time. The secret to these men’s
sexual dominance was reportedly entrusted to one Overlord named Stree. Now, it is once again available to modern man after
Ho Jun Kim, a Japanese pharmacist, found the scroll containing the secrets within his own attic. The modern supplement is
said to give men extreme sexual prowess and the ability to satisfy even the most sexually demanding partner.
According to at least one source, the supplement contains Horny Goat Weed Extract, Cuscuta Seed Extract, Gingko Biloba Leaf,
Asian Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto Berry, Muira Puama Bark Extract, Catuaba Bark Extract and Hawthorn Berry.
Stree Overlord is a sexual supplement that claims to deliver a range of positive results for men who may otherwise be
unsatisfied with their sex life. According to the product’s official website, Stree Overlord can drastically boost a man’s
libido while giving him lasting stamina and ability to please his partner. Testimonials on the official website indicate the
product can also allow a man to climax multiple times consecutively. While the product is sold through several retailers..
Final Facts
Stree Overlord is a sexual supplement for men. It is said to come from the ancient Japanese Overlords, where it was the
key to their sexual prowess and power over the ladies of the time. The supplement can allegedly give men a supercharged l
ibido, long lasting stamina and overall greater sexual satisfaction. At the writing of this review, supplements carrying
the Stree Overlord name can be found online through multiple retailers.