Item Description
Description: 7.2V 4300mAH Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack for Toy Vehicle/Boat/AirPlane Specification: Color: Gray Material: Nickel Voltage and capacity: 7.2V 4300mAH Size: 13cmx4.4cmx2.1cm Fit for: Suitable for electronic toy, remote control vehicle, boat, model airplane etc. Features: 1. NiMH batteries is a modern electronic products, one of the most widely used green battery, a monomer having a large capacity, stable discharge characteristics, versatility, low heat and so on. 2. High quality battery core, high capacity, small internal resistance and stable voltage. 3. Stable and reliable performance, long service life. 4. Good high magnification charge and discharge performance 5. Overshoot protection function, use more secure. Cautions: NiMH batteries when in use need to pay attention to some details, so as to make your NiMH batteries "longevity." 1. Do not use the battery fully charged the full discharge of way, will affect the nickel-hydrogen battery life. Just do not put the battery completely exhausted power only to charge . 2. A mismatch charger may cause the battery overcharge and shorten battery life. Package Included: 1x 4300mAH battery pack More Details: 1210661