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1: Wild Edible Plants Wild lotus root extract, without any side effects.
2: quick, taking no two inhibit 100-140 grams of fat absorption, while the boot of the same body lipolysis excluded, generally on the 3rd thinner.
3: targeted. Direct effect on the accumulation of fat, thus the effect on the waist, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and other fat thick plot at.
4: This product is beneficial to raise detoxification, heat, beauty, skin tightening, after weight loss, skin wrinkling, not relaxation, does not affect the curve of the chest
5: This product is thin quickly, such as reduced too fast reduction taking, reduced to the ideal should be to consolidate after 20-30 days
6: Daily one can control the fat, eat not of the flesh, sleep can also thin 7: no diarrhea, no anorexia, no rebound, no dependence
Particularly suitable for: weight loss loser. Lose weight rebound, For less than 20 pounds within a month. Men's General belly, beer belly. Waist, abdomen, buttocks, thigh fat accumulation by Young people.
Ingredients: green tea, citrus aurantium, cooked rhubarb, microcrystalline cellulose
Way of taking: early morning warm water delivery service, once a day, every one.
Specifications: 300mgX10 pill X10 package = 100pill
Manufacturer: Shenzhen the Bannermen Medicine (Hong Kong) Group Co., Ltd.
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