Item Description
An amazing audio equipment, it is completely different from the sound principles of the use of the traditional vocalization equipment electromagnetic coil speaker sound. It allows: wooden desk, glass, floor, metal surface, such as flat and enjoy serving sweet music, so you can listen to the different interpretations of a variety of materials around the music quality, and enjoy the experience of independent music's fun. This new sound principle will bring you to a new musical lifestyle, sparked a revolution of the audio-visual field.Features: * The latest vibration technology turns your house to be a super audio * Different playing medium can generate different sound effect * 360 degree surround music transmission * Portable design, the music around you anywhere and anytime * Besides,the vibration speakers have one unique feature:penetration, The music can penetrate the medium and reach another face. * For example,if you fix the vibration speaker on the door or wall,the person at another side can enjoy the music together with you. * Support TF card play Specifications: * Power output:5W * S/N:≥85dB * Distortion factor: ≤0.5% * Impedance: 4ohm * Output power : 5W * Built-in li-ion battery: 650mAh * Charge: by USB or adapter * Dimension: 5.5 x 5.5cm * Color: Black Package Include: 1 x Vibration Speaker 1 x USB Cable 1 x Audio Cable 1 x Users Manual23827