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Brand Equiltsusa.Com
Product type Acrylic Template
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Item Description
Photo shows 7" this is for a 4".
Laser Cut and Engraved
1 - 4"
Clamshell Template Tessellation
Clear Transparent
Hard Acrylic Template 1 Patch. This is a
tessellation also! Pictures show only 2 different ways to use the
template you have many options just use your imagination!
1/4" SEAM ALLOWANCE included
Quilting Rotary Template
This is for a acrylic template.
Also, makes a great gift for that friend you quilt with or
a secret pal!
This is a great 1-patch template for
making whatever project you choose - child's quilt, sofa throw, lap
robe, table runner, wall hanging or anything you can
Have you ever had the markings of a template rub or wear
Or, no markings to identify what a particular patch
Or, what about the size the template makes?
Or, dislike having to add a 1/4" seam allowance before
Or, lost directions and need to know what way the grain
should be before cutting?
Or, just beginning and want to do hand-piecing (need help
marking those 1/4" points?)
Or, cut out patches with cardboard and the shape has
changed (so, now your pieces are different sizes and don’t
sew together accurately)
Or, ever been discouraged because it takes too long to cut
out so many pieces?
Or, ever stepped on and broke a template?
Or, stopped using a template because you didn't know what
is was?
Or, tired of guessing or frustrated by what line to use on
a ruler to cut a patch from?
Or, forgot where it was?
Or, couldn’t see through it to do "fussy
Or, know where you could get a replacement for just a
single piece from a set?
Or, could not find a particular set of templates to make a
specific block or pattern?
Or, have an ORIGINAL design of your own and want templates
and/or stencils made for you?
If you answered yes to any or
many of these, then here is your solution. You can select from a
wide variety of One-Patch Templates, Template Sets.
Our templates have engraved identification:
name/size/identifier (such

as A, B, C etc.)
1/4" seam allowance included,
Grainline arrow if applicable,
1/4" holes for seam allowance marking (hand and machine
Made by from
new 1/8" hard Acrylite acrylic (will not wear
Smooth edges permit tracing around, easily
Large hole for hanging storage
(this is a very delicate template more so than any
others) you will want to keep it away from small children.
We hope you
enjoy using your templates for many years to come.
USA S&H $3.00 International $5.00