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Please take a moment and read, this is an amazing deal(only 3 in stock as of now)
Watch the demonstration video(copy and paste youtube video link)

Missed out on the NES SNES classic? Not tryna pay an arm and a leg to get one? Then this is for you!
This is plug and play no install required. can take you days(WEEKS) to make something like this.
Included: The system, power cable, HDMI tv cable, 2x SNES style controllers pre-configured, 32,000(that is 32k) games on a 32GB card ready to plug n play. no installation required!

- Has newest retropie 4.3 + emulation station menu built in with the simple navigation menu.
- Has KODI media center built in.
- Ethernet port if you need network access.
- You can scroll through the games list and system by "LETTERS" too.
- I deleted the "clones" from arcade section so you only see one version of each game.
- I fixed the issue with black borders, now you have full screen all around.
- Press start + select to exit a game and play another game.
- DONT HAVE WIFI OR BLUETOOTH, must use wire for network.

systems supported(over 32,000 R.O.M.S)
arcade classics MAME, atari7800, atari lynx, family computer disk system, game gear. gameboy, gameboy color,
sega master system, genesis mega drive, msx msx2, nintendo64, neo-geo, nintendo, neo geo pocket, neogeo pocket color,
pc engine, playstation portable, sega 32x, SG-1000, sony playstation, super nintendo, vectrex, wonderswan, zx sinclair spectrum

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