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32 Brinkburn Street is a new BBC One drama set in two time periods, 1931 and 2011, with each episode covering 24 hours. The drama follows the lives of two generations of one family who live in the same terraced house in Manchester, comparing and contrasting the problems they face and how they deal with them. Drama series moving between the lives, loves and lies of two generations of the same family who live at 32 Brinkburn Street in 1931 and 2011. In 1931, Walter Ogilvie's gambling addiction leads to trouble when he is pursued by a debt-collecting gang, and wife Gracie takes in a mysterious lodger to make ends meet. In 2011, Ellie and Nick Milliner have recently moved back in with Frank, Ellie's father, who has lived in Brinkburn Street his whole life. But all of the family is oblivious to the mystery skeleton that lurks behind the attic wall. Excellent Quality. 2 discs, 5 complete episodes. FREE Shipping to both US and Foreign Countries. Shipped within 24 hours.

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