Item Description
The product is 3 in 1 Dust Air Blower + Lens Pen + Cleaning Cloth Professional Camera Lens Cleaning Kit for DSLR. This equipments is to protect a lens from fingerprints, dirt, grease and other smudges. It is very safe to the lens.Features:
* Retractable brush at one end and a double round cleaning heads at the other head design
* Can clean the fingerprints, dirt and other smudges on the camera lens
* Comes with an air blower for more easily cleaning the dust on the lens
* Easy to use and convenient to carry
* Suitable for: Camera, Videos, Lenses, CCD and other optics
Lens Cleaning Pen Brush:
* Safe for all lenses, including multi-coated surfaces
* Unique cleaning compound will not spill or dry out
* Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
* Handy,high quality retractable cleaning brush
* The remarkable cleaning compound removes fingerprints, sumdges, grease marks with ease
Camera Lens Dust Blower:
* Natural and environmentally-friendly rubber
* Lens blower tool dust remover has air inlet valve design prevents air stream air tube
* Detachable super air stream air tube
* Safe for lenses, including multi-coated surfaces
Cleaning Cloth:
* Made of Microfibre fabric with elasticity
* Can use this lint-free glass cloth for cleaning lenses
* Eliminating dust and removing oil
* Debris and fingerprints from camera lens, eyeglasses or LCD screens
* Can be washable
Package includes:
* 1 x 3 in 1 Camera lens cleaning kit64154