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20pcs American Red Maple Tree Seeds 20pcs American Red Maple Tree Seeds Its beautiful fall colors is suitable for as garden tree or ornamental tree.Loved by many people. Description: Height: Up to 30-40cm Sowing time: Spring Habit: Enjoy light, Cold tolerance, Dry resistance Soil: Acidic soil (5.5 - 7.3) Feature: Sowing temperature: 15-20C Germination days: 7-15 days Growing temperature: 15-28C Seedlings distance: 100*80cm Growth environment: love warm,hardy Seed longevity: 1 years Purity: ???98% Cleanliness: ???96% Germination rate: ???85% Moisture: ???10% The maple is fast growing, and is also easy to grow. It is very tolerant of many diverse growing conditions, & is a long-lived tree. They make a nice shade tree, and their ornamental fall colors really put on quite a show making them very popular. Package included: 20 x Red Maple Tree Seeds Note: Keep seeds stored in a cool," dry place. 32840624112