Item Description
24V/12V 5kw Diesel Air Parking Heater Diesel Heating 4 Holes Air Parking Heater Specifications: Heater Power: 5KW Fuel Gasoline: Diesel Drive mode: Freestanding Performance: Single function type Control method: Manual adjustment Car Air Conditioning Type: Heating Color: Black+gray / Black Rated Voltage:12V/24V Fuel Consumption: 0.2-0.5 Working Temperature of the Heater: -40℃~+50℃ Working Temperature of the Oil pump: -40℃~+40℃ Operating voltage range: 10-12/20-32 Item Weight: 4230g Gross Weight: 8450g Item Size: 40*13*14cm Features: -The parking heater is 4-hole, compact structure, easy to install. -The heater can be applied for heating the cab of the freight vehicles,storage battery cars and all kinds of other vehicles. -Can preheat the coolant of the engine to avoid wear and tear of engine that started at low temperature. -Can eliminate the window frost and dismantle to a new car when replace vehicle. -Environmentally product, low emissions, low fuel consumption; heater exhaust emissions to meet euro IV engine emissions requirements. -Volatile technology, by the ceramic ignition plug will fuel heating evaporated into gas, fast ignition, full combustion. -The use of advanced automatic control technology, with a reliable abnormal operating conditions. -Fuel, electricity, temperature can be set arbitrarily . -Can use diesel as fuel. Packaged included: 1 x Parking heater 1 x Main wiring Bundle 1 x Oil pump 1 x Oil pump connection wire 1 x Filter 1 x Oil pipe 1 x Control switch 1 x Inlet air pipe 1 x Inlet air pipe 1 x Exhaust pipe 1 x Gasket 1 x Reducing tee 2 x Terminal 1 x Oil pump clip 1 x Inlet air pipe clip 1 x Exhaust pipe clip 2 x Inlet air pipe fixing clip 2 x Exhaust pipe fixing clip 6 x Oil pipe joint 12 x Oil pipe clip 2 x Oil pipe clip 4 x Washer 4 x Nut 4 x Self drilling tapping screw 1 x Self drilling tapping screw 1 x Self tapping screw 4 x Self tapping screw 10 x Nylon cable ties 1 x Oil suction pipe 1 x Air inlet hood More details: Color Black Voltage 12V/ 1257378