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  Papaver Somniferum


Papaver somniferum 

  No need to buy a larger quantity of these! A few plants will get you gazillions of seeds!

Single blooms over 6 inches across!
Giganteum seed heads are the largest on the planet. Poppy flower seed heads grow from a lettuce like base, atop a single stalk, sometimes over 4 feet tall.

 The flowers are beautiful and will grace your garden.

The seed heads are very popular in dried flower arrangements. Because of their large size, they are ideal for drying or painting. Use the seeds for cooking or baking and save some for next year's crop.

Most poppies are very easy to grow.
They are a favorite of gardeners in every state for rock gardens, flower beds, containers, and most anyplace that you want color.
Since poppies are self-sowing,
if you allow them to go to seed you may only need to plant them once.


   Freely re-seeds itself.

   Grows 3-4 feet high.

   Plant in Spring or Fall.

  Seed to bloom: 14 weeks

Full sun to partial shade

Soil: Any, well-drained

  Growing instructions included.

250 Count Seed Pack 


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