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Material Velvet
Note It Comes With Original Box, Dust Bag, Card, Invoice, and Gift Bag
Estimated Shipping 1 - 3 Days
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Dear friends.
Please collect it. Save my store. I only sell high quality products. I don't have time to update the store. But I have a lot of new styles. You can send a web link to me. Or send pictures to me. I will check if there is high quality.Then I will give you more pictures.

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100%real leather,100%exactly as show picture! it is exact product!all my shop Products it is original edition,real leather,it comes with original box,dust bag,card,invoice,gift bag! at the same time,I have strict quality requirements!

so my Products it is limited sales,I do not have much inventory! its cost higer,so this price include DHL ship or ems ship,you will got it in 5-7days!

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