Item Description
(C) 1987 The Topps Company, The Walt Disney Co. and Amblin Entertainment, Inc., are these “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” movie photo cards, sticker & bubble gum packs in original box.  22 unopened packs remain of the original 36-count box.  Each pack contains 9 movie photo cards, a sticker and a stick of bubble gum.  Please don’t eat the too-old bubble gum!   The base set is 132 cards, with an average of 2.45 sets per box, and there are 22 stickers cards possible, on average 1.36 sticker sets per box.  These packs all originate from this box.   The packs are wrapped in waxy paper and are in good condition.  The box has a black remainder mark on the cover but is in great shape otherwise as shown.