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Rare,HIGH quality 1985 Continental Wrestling here for auction!

For auction is a RARE 8 disc set of Continental Wrestling from 1985.This 8 disc set is really nice quality and jam packed with some classic oldschool Continental wrestling with guys like the armstrongs,stud stables,nightmares,tommy rich and many other Continental greats!Get this RARE set today and relive those great wrestling memories of wrestling the way you like it and the way it use to be!

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Please note that Each dvd will comes in it own paper sleeve.No artwork or cases.

Below is the match listings for this great set!

CCW ’85 Vol. 1
Episode #1
Interviews w/Dick Slater/Tommy Rich/Nightmares/Johnny Rich/The Flame/Bill Ash/Roy Lee Welch/Brickhouse Brown/Norvell Austin/Scott, Steve & Brad Armstrong/Ron & Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden/
● Southeast Tag Champs The Nightmares vs. Nick Patrick & Brickhouse Brown
~ The Nightmares question Tommy Rich as to the whereabouts’ of Johnny Rich. This enrages Wildfire and a brawl ensues (Johnny Rich returns!)
~ Norvell Austin announces his return to the area, The Nightmares attack Austin for hogging the mic. As Norvell amounts a comeback, Bill Ash hits the ring and makes it a 3 on 1. Brickhouse Brown eventually makes the save for Austin.
● US Jr. Heavyweight Champ Bill Ash vs. Roy Lee Welch
● Southeastern Heavyweight Champ Adrian Street vs. Ted Oates
~ A video package is shown of the Fuller’s & Golden dismantling and injuring Bob Armstrong inside a steel cage.
● The Flame, Mike Thor & Mark Cooper vs. Scott Armstrong, Steve Armstrong & Brad Armstrong
Episode #2
Interviews w/Ron Fuller/Robert Fuller/Ric Flair/Tommy & Johnny Rich/Jimmy Golden/The Bullet/Jerry Stubbs/
● The Bullet (Bob Armstrong) vs. Ron Fuller (Brad Armstrong, Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden, Jerry Stubbs & Boomer Lynch come in)
~ Clip of Tommy & Johnny Rich defeated the Nightmares for the Tag Titles.
● Alabama Heavyweight Champ Roberto Soto vs. Jerry Stubbs (Title Change)
Bonus TV 1987
Interviews w/Boyd & Mike Golden/Prichard
● Tom Prichard, Jonathan Boyd & Mike Golden (Wild Bunch) vs. Danny Davis & Midnight Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) (Golden & Boyd turn on Prichard)
~ Press Conference, Robert Fuller is named the new Tennessee Stud and signs Wendell Cooley to the Stud Stable

CCW ’85 Vol. 2
Episode #1 (Incomplete)
● US Jr. Heavyweight Champ Scott Armstrong vs. Larry Hamilton
~ Ric Flair Video (Pat Benetar “Fire & Ice”)
● The Bullet & Brad Armstrong vs. Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden (Steel Cage Match, The Flame interferes)
Episode #2
Interviews w/Roy Lee Welch/Bill Ash/Adrian Street/Dick Slater/Tommy Rich/Brickhouse Brown/Norvell Austin/Nightmares/Ron & Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden/Brad Armstrong
● US Jr. Heavyweight Champ Bill Ash vs. Ted Oates
~ Adrian Street Video (Imagine What I can do to you)
● Dick Slater vs. Ken Glover
~ Continental Music Video (Debuting their Slow Motion technologies)
● Brickhouse Brown & Norvell Austin vs. Randy Barber & Wayne Levinski
● Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs. Josh Stroud & Jim Backlund
Episode #3
Interviews w/Bob Armstrong/Nightmares/Bill Ash/Flame/Adrian Street/Tommy Rich/Roy Lee Welch/Norvell Austin & Brickhouse Brown/Roberto Soto/Dick Slater, Brad & Steve Armstrong
● Tag Champs The Nightmares vs. Roy Lee Welch & Les Freeman
● NWA World Heavyweight Champ Kerry Von Erich vs. Ric Flair (JIP from Japan, Title Change)
● Roberto Soto vs. David Foxx
● Continental Heavyweight Champ Tommy Rich vs. The Flame
~ VTR of The Fuller’s & Golden hospitalizing Scott Armstrong
● Dick Slater, Brad Armstrong & Steve Armstrong vs. Ron Fuller, Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden (Slater turns on the Armstrong’s)

CCW ’85 Vol. 3
Episode #1
Interviews w/Ric Flair/Brad Armstrong/Ron & Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden/Tommy Rich/Adrian Street & Miss Linda/Roy Lee Welch/
● US Jr. Heavyweight Champ Bill Ash vs. Nick Patrick
~ Big John Harris Video
● NWA World Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Arvil Hutto
● Roberto Soto vs. The Flame
Episode #2
Interviews w/Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden/The Flame/Adrian Street/The Bullet & Brad Armstrong/Roberto Soto & Norvell Austin/Tommy & Johnny Rich/The Nightmares
● Adrian Street (w/Miss Linda) vs. Brickhouse Brown
● The Bullet (Bob Armstrong) & Brad Armstrong vs. The Bounty Hunters (Large guys from MSW)
● Norvell Austin vs. Jimmy Valentine (TV Title Tournament 1st Round Match)
● Tommy Rich & Johnny Rich vs. The Nightmares

CCW ’85 Vol. 4
Episode #1
Interviews w/Jimmy Golden/Robert Fuller/Tommy & Johnny Rich/Norvell Austin/Lady Maxine/Adrian Street/Ken Timbs/Roy Lee Welch/The Bullet/The Flame
~ Clip of Bullet & Brad Armstrong vs. Golden & Robert Fuller in a cage (Bullet injured the leg of Fuller)
● Southeastern Tag Champs Tommy Rich & Johnny Rich vs. The Nightmares (Elimination match)
~ Tommy Rich offers the Nightmares a rematch if one of them agrees to wear a chicken suit.
● Adrian Street vs. Norvell Austin
● Alabama Heavyweight Champ Roberto Soto vs. Larry Clarke (TV Title Tournament Match)
● Jimmy Golden vs. The Bullet (The Flame interferes, a Second Bullet makes an appearance)
Episode #2
Interviews w/The Flame/Robert Fuller/Lady Maxine/Soto/The Bullet/Nightmares/Tommy Rich/
● Roy Lee Welch vs. Roberto Soto (Round Robin TV Title Tournament Finals)
● Robert Fuller vs. Roberto Soto (Round Robin TV Title Tournament Finals)
● Robert Fuller vs. Roy Lee Welch (Round Robin TV Title Tournament Finals)
● The Bullet vs. The Flame (Brad Armstrong is masked as the Bullet here, Robert Fuller, Roberto Soto, Boomer H. Lynch, & the real Bullet come in)
Episode #3
Interviews w/Fuller & Golden/Bullet/Roberto Soto/Norvell Austin/Adrian Street/Tommy & Johnny Rich
● US Jr. Heavyweight Champ Roy Lee Welch vs. Bill Ash (Loser Leaves Town)
● Alabama Heavyweight Champ Roberto Soto vs. Bob Johnson
● Adrian Street vs. Jim Backlund (TV Title Tournament match)
show continues on disc 5.

CCW ’85 Vol. 5
Episode continues from Disc 4
● The Nightmares vs. Tommy Rich & Johnny Rich (2 out of 3 falls, Loser gets strapped)
Episode #1 (Incomplete Episode)
~ Clip of the Nightmare dressed in a chicken suit in order to get a title rematch.
● Robert Fuller, The Flame & Boomer H. Lynch vs. The Bullet, Brad Armstrong & Roberto Soto
~ News piece on Adrian Street & Miss Linda visiting a sick child in the hospital.
Episode #2 (New Year 1986)
~ Interviews w/Ron West/Lady Maxine & Norvell Austin/Adrian Street/Nightmares/Tommy & Johnny Rich/The Bullet/Mr. Olympia/Robert Fuller & Boomer Lynch
● Tommy Rich & Johnny Rich vs. The Inferno & Larry Clarke (The Nightmares Tar & Feather Johnny Rich)
● (JIP) Southeastern Champ Adrian Street vs. Norvell Austin (Title Change)
● US Jr. Heavyweight Champ Tim Horner vs. Ken Timbs
● The Nightmares (now unmasked) vs. Roberto Soto & Lee Peak
~ Clip of “Nightmare” Danny Davis getting his hair cut
Episode #3 11/25/85
~ Interviews w/Robert Fuller, The Flame & Boomer Lynch/The Bullet/The Nightmares/Brad Armstrong/Mike Jackson/Roberto Soto/Norvell Austin/Boomer Lynch/Roy Lee Welch/Tommy & Johnny Rich
● The Bullet & Brad Armstrong vs. Amos Moses & The Executioner
● US Jr. Heavyweight Champ Roy Lee Welch vs. Ken Timbs (Title change)
● Norvell Austin & Candi Devine vs. Adrian Street & Miss Linda
● Tommy Rich & Johnny Rich vs. Pablo Crenshaw & Mike Nichols

CCW Vol. 6
Episode #1 (Incomplete, 32 minutes)
~ Interviews w/Brad Armstrong/Jerry Stubbs
● Jerry Stubbs vs. Frankie Lancaster (Brad Armstrong comes in)
● Adrian Street (w/Miss Linda) vs. Wendell Cooley (w/Greg Cooley) (Linda is handcuffed to Greg)
~ VTR: Clip of Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs. Brad Armstrong & Tommy Rich (Tom Prichard comes in)
● The Bullet vs. Dutch Mantell (Jerry Stubbs interferes and helps Dutch hang the Bullet with the bullwhip)
Episode #2 (Incomplete 26 minutes)
Interviews w/Stubbs & Dutch Mantell/Bullet/Tim Horner/Steve Armstrong/Tommy Rich
● Brad Armstrong vs. Jerry Stubbs (JIP, Scott Armstrong makes the save)
● Scott Armstrong vs. Dutch Mantell (Stubbs & The Bullet come in)
● Frankie Lancaster vs. “King of Wrestling” Roy Lee Welch
~ VTR: Fuller, Golden & Prichard vs. Steve Armstrong, Tommy Rich & The Intern
Episode #3 (Incomplete 15 minutes)
Interviews w/Tim Horner/Adrian Street/Scott Armstrong/Jerry Stubbs
~ Tim Horner enters the heel locker room to take his US Jr. Title back from Roy Lee Welch and is attacked by the entire heel locker room.
● Southeastern Champ Wendell Cooley vs. “Dirty White Boy” Tony Anthony
Episode #4 from 1985 (25 minutes)
Interviews w/Adrian Street/Nightmares/Tommy & Johnny Rich
● Southeastern Champ Adrian Street (w/Miss Linda) vs. Norvell Austin (w/Lady Maxine) (Title Change)
● TV Champ Robert Fuller vs. Brad Armstrong (Title Change)
~ Wild brawl between Johnny & Tommy Rich and the Nightmares
Episode #5 from 1985 (25 minutes)
~ Interviews w/Fuller, Olympia & Boomer Lynch/Bullet/Horner
● Southeastern Champ Adrian Street vs. Bishop Walker (Norvell Austin, Miss Linda & Lady Maxine come in, Maxine makes her debut)
~ VTR: Adrian Street attacks Candi Divine and even piledrives her!
● Tim Horner vs. Paul Brown

CCW ’85/86 Vol. 7
Episode #1 (15 minutes)
Interviews w/Bullet/Adrian Street/Norvell Austin & Lady Maxine/
● TV Champ Robert Fuller vs. Brad Armstrong
Episode #2 (40 minutes)
~ Interviews w/Ron Fuller/The Flame/The Bullet/Brad Armstrong/Norvell Austin/Adrian Street
● The Bullet vs. The Flame (Mask vs. Mask Match, Ron Fuller & Mr. Olympia come in and unmask the Bullet)
● The Bounty Hunter (Dave German) vs. Boomer H. Lynch
● Continental Heavyweight Champ Roberto Soto vs. Robert Fuller (Title Change)
Episode #3 (28 minutes)
~ Interviews w/Adrian Street/Tom Prichard/Armstrong’s/Nightmares/Stubbs/Tommy Rich & Johnny Rich/Fuller & Golden/Bullet
~ The Nightmares Music Video
● Tim Horner vs. Tom Prichard
● Mr. Wrestling II vs. The Raider (II unmasks the Raider)
● Alabama Heavyweight Champ Roberto Soto vs. Jerry Stubbs (JIP, Title Change)
● Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs. Bill Tabb & Josh Stroud
Episode #4 (22 Minutes)
~ Interviews w/Fuller/Street/Nightmares/Brad Armstrong & Soto/Tommy & Johnny Rich/Roy Lee Welch/Ken Timbs/Bullet/Flame
● Rat Patrol (Steve & Scott Armstrong) vs. The Star Fighters (Clip)
● TV Champ Robert Fuller vs. The Executioner (Fuller unmasks Executioner)
● Ron Fuller & Boomer H. Lynch vs. The Bullet & Brad Armstrong (Anything Goes, The Flame fireballs the Bullet, but Bullet ends up unmasking the Flame)
Episode #5 (16 minutes)
1985 Year in Review Show
~ Bob Armstrong Video (Bad to the Bone)
~ Interviews w/Fuller’s/Bullet
~ Highlights of the Bullet & Armstrong’s/Fuller’s Golden & Flame feud
episode continues on Vol. 8

CCW ’85 Vol. 8
Episode #1 (continues from vol. 7) (32 minutes)
~ Interviews w/Armstrong’s/The Flame/Fuller’s/Soto/Street/Norvell Austin/Nightmares/Johnny & Tommy Rich/Ric Flair
~ Adrian Street Video (Imagine What I can do to you)
~ Adrian Street Video (Tiptoe through the tulips)
~ Adrian Street/Norvell Austin Feud Highlights
~ The Nightmares Video (We Are the Champions)
~ Nightmares/Tommy & Johnny Rich feud Highlights
Episode #2 (37 minutes)
Interviews w/Bullet/Soto/Fuller’s/Street/Nightmares/Boomer & Olympia/Norvell Austin/Johnny & Tommy Rich/
● Mr. Olympia, Robert Fuller & Boomer H. Lynch vs. Brad Armstrong, Tim Horner & Jim Backlund
~ Adrian Street Video (I’m In Love With Me)
Episode #2 (35 minutes)
Interviews w/Bullet/Norvell Austin & Tommy Rich/Nightmares/Fuller’s Stubbs & Boomer/Horner/Terminator/Tommy & Johnny Rich/
● Jerry Stubbs (Mr. Olympia now unmasked) vs. Bill Tabb
Episode #3 (10 minutes)
● Tag Champs The Nightmares vs. Johnny & Tommy Rich (Tornado Tag Team Rules, Title Change)
~ Bullet Interview
Episode #4 (10 minutes)
Interviews w/Adrian Street
● Southeastern Champ Adrian Street vs. Wendell Cooley (Title Change)