Item Description
Descriptions: 175mm Stainless Steel Straight Straws Cleaner Cleaning Brush Reusable Tool Specifications: Material: Stainless Steel Wire and Nylon Brushes Brush Diameters: apprex. 17.5cm Color: White Features: - This Nylon Cleaning Brush is the perfect tool for cleaning test tubes, bottles, gun barrels, jewelry and all kinds of hard to get to objects . A great way to clean those narrow places. - Flexible enough to reach around the toughest spots. - The bristles are strong enough to scrub out the most stubborn burned in stains. - Fit For cleaning Drink Straws, Airbrushes, Paint Spray Guns, Tattoo Equipment, Small Nozzles, Keyboards, Sewing Machines, Carburetor Passages Package includes: 1 x Cleaning Brush More Details: 1110533