Item Description
Doubler Layered Rasta Reversal and Swirl Window Slide Made By Rusty Glass

This little thing is a mini paper weight,sooo thick atleast 9+mm.
When a doubler layered slide is made, it basically has to slides in one. This one has a rasta swirl on the inner core and the outside is a fade to clear rasta wig wag.. this little slide is super tough and bright as the sun,,like all of Rusty's work this slide will not disapoint in look , feel or performance..
Super High Quality Work 100% Made in the USA
Double Layered Rasta Window Push Slide
14mm Simax Joint
9mm+ Thick
Reversal Ball profile with fade to clear wig wag outer core and a full color swirl inner core
Red, Yellow, Green, White and Black.


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