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-- 100 - 5" Novelty "I Spy" -- Square Blocks+ Bonus

Laser Cut/Engraved 5" Square Template

They are all unique 100 Total of 5" novelty squares ALL DIFFERENT.

These are 100% cotton fabric, stored in and from a smoke-free studio away from light.

What you see in the photo is the kind of assortment you get.  They are very cute and colorful.   They are finely detailed and very nice (no solids or hand dyed). Some of the designs in these are colorful group of characters are M & M's, hearts, Old cars, Betty Boop, Frogs, Japanese Fans, Tea Cups, Kids in Oriental Atire, Japanese Garden, Superman, Fred Flintstone, Stars, Cats in Doctor's Uniforms, Soccer Balls and more (assortment may vary according to supply on hand, once prints are gone we put in new stock)

Great for that I Spy project or fussy cutting!

Read our feedback and see what others think! You are getting  a collection 100% Cotton squares. A great start for collecting and building a stash of your own! Or, cut them into four each and have 4 2 1/2" squares out of each 5 in. square, and you could trade to help build your stash.

And, the additional Bonus is a  hard acrylic 5"square template to help you get cutting into your own stash.

Have you ever had the markings of a template rub or wear off?

Or, no markings to identify what a particular patch is?

Or, what about the size the template makes?

Or, dislike having to add a 1/4" seam allowance before using?

Or, lost directions and need to know what way the grain should be before cutting?

Or, just beginning and want to do hand-piecing (need help marking those 1/4" points?)

Or, cut out patches with cardboard and the shape has changed (so, now your pieces are different sizes and don’t sew together accurately)

Or, ever been discouraged because it takes too long to cut out so many pieces?

Or, ever stepped on and broke a template?

Or, stopped using a template because you didn't know what is was?

Or, tired of guessing or frustrated by what line to use on a ruler to cut a patch from?

Or, forgot where it was?

O r, couldn’t see through it to do "fussy cutting"?

Or, know where you could get a replacement for just a single piece from a set?

Or, could not find a particular set of templates to make a specific block or pattern?

Or, have an ORIGINAL design of your own and want templates and/or stencils made for you?

If you answered yes to any or many of these, then here is your solution. You can select from a wide variety of One-Patch Templates, Template Sets or simply send us your design and we will CUSTOM reproduce it for you according to your diagram(s).

Our templates have engraved identification: name/size/identifier (such  as A, B, C etc.)  1/4" seam allowance included,  Grainline arrow if applicable,  1/4" holes for seam allowance marking (hand and machine piecers)

Made from New 1/8" hard Acrylite acrylic (will not wear down)

  • Designed to cut multiple layers with your rotary cutter
  • Straight smooth edges permit tracing around, easily
  • Large hole for hanging storage
  • We hope you enjoy using your templates for many years to come.