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AdWord Analyser

Are you just a little frustrated by online marketing methods that promise the moon but deliver just the dirt? Have you had it with the flood of eBooks and ‘gurus’ trying to sell you on what worked last year?

If you are frustrated by slow, costly, ineffective methods that used to work, welcome to what works now! Welcome to Ad Word Analyzer.

Whether you sell a product or service, run your own web site or are an affiliate, want more subscribers to your ezine or run a site as a hobby there is one cardinal rule to success on the Internet. Get it right and you can do almost everything else wrong and still succeed.

Get it wrong and you won’t succeed no matter how hard you work! That rule?

Getting enough highly targeted traffic is THE key to success on the Internet!

Only three weeks ago, one of the top online marketers put together a report that outlined the seven most effective ways to sell any product or service online. Using Pay Per Click Advertising, specifically Google AdWords, was his number one choice of marketing methods online!

It’s little wonder that Pay Per Click is wildly popular. PPC is the only method that can drive huge amounts of highly targeted traffic to your site TODAY.



Are you tired of building landing pages in hopes they may not convert, not seeing any results and knowing that you might possibly have to recreate another one and then re-test it, meaning more wasted money!

You are not alone. When I first started with affiliate marketing, I would have to retest multiple landing pages until I found one that would convert, meaning wasted time!

Split testing is very important when it comes to landing page design. Does a simple landing page work better than a more complex version?

There are many things to test for, such as format, color, text, location of your call to action, images, etc. There are just too many criterias to test.

I personally needed a way to test multiple landing pages with Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN adCenter, and multiple Social Networks without wasting money!



Adwords time machine and Cpa magnet features wont be working since data are pulled from server for that features

“For The First Time Ever, You Can Get Instant Access To The Exact Keyword Research, Money Making Tool, That’s Responsible For Direct Earnings Of Exactly $1,766,807.20 Last Year Alone… See Proof Below!â€

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The Definitive Google AdWords

3 Unstoppable Forces Will Either Propel You to Victory or Bury You on Page 2-3-4 of Google’s Search Results.
You Either Win or Lose.
If you’re feeling the heat in your Google campaigns right now, you’ll see exactly why in 10 seconds.
Things aren’t getting any easier out there. Which is why I’m introducing a new weapon for winning the war on the right side of the page: The 2010 Definitive Guide to Google AdWords.


HyperVRE Monthly Niche Templates

We will give you Life Time Access to HyperVRE Monthly Niche Templates. This usually cost $25 per month ($300 Per Year) but with us, it is FREE for you!!

The money-making potential of EACH template is far more than just Adsense. Of course, Adsense is an incredible way to build residual income each month. But you should know...

... Your templates are designed to work with ALL of the following to help optimize your daily income..

  • Google AdSense
  • YPN (Yahoo Publisher Network)
  • MSN ContentAds
  • Kontera Contextual Ads
  • Chitika
  • Any eBook of your choice
  • Clickbank
  • Amazon
  • PayDotCom
  • You name it... These templates work with ANY contextual ad, pay-per-click publishing, or affiliate service of your choice.

In a nutshell, NO MATTER WHAT strategy you choose to monetize your sites, this monthly package has something for you! As you're about to discover, there's a lot more you can do to build your VRE empire, and I'm helping you monetize your sites in more ways than just Adsense!



Beat The Slap Worth $197

“Watch Me Login To My AdWords Account And Show You Step-By-Step How I Create Campaigns That Get 56,803 Clicks A Month At Just 4 Cents Per Click… And How I Get 10/10 Quality Scores!â€

Click Play Now To Watch How I Average 56,803 Clicks Each Month… At Just 4c Per Click With AdWords:

“Learn Step-By-Step How To Slap Google Back… And Get A Ton Of Cheap PPC Traffic To Your Website. This Is NOT Black-Hat. 100% Google-Legal!â€



You will get the complete Beat the Slap Course


Reinvented Adwords worth $77.00

“Find Out How a 36 yr Old Reinvented Adwords And Was Able to Quit His 6 Figure Salaried Job… After Discovering He Could Easily Make $400 to $500 In PURE PROFITS Per Day!!â€

First things first… Checkout This Proof of My Earnings… of a Secret Method That Has Been Never Talked About, Until Now.. Moreover it Runs on Autopilot!!

Earnings from Just 1 Network

Earnings from another network Your remember the earnings of my ShareASale Account above in the video?

If you add revenues from above 3 Networks for May 2009:
Hydra Network: $8024.79
Commission Junction: $7930.58
ShareASale: $5743.80
Total 1 Month Revenue = $21,699.17


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Ebay Buyers should note before purchasing that there is NO Google Adword Coupon or code been sold here but the methods I used to get $100's in FREE credits. Buyers should be aware of this Before purchasing.




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Ebay Buyers should note before purchasing that there is NO Google Adword Coupon or code been sold here but the methods I used to get $100's in FREE credits. Buyers should be aware of this Before purchasing.

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  • Please contact me through eBay for more information on delivery


Ebay Buyers should note before purchasing that there is NO Google Adword Coupon or code been sold here but the methods I used to get $100's in FREE credits. Buyers should be aware of this Before purchasing.


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