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10 yards  Rigilene Polyster Boning 1/2" For Nursing Cover

Color;  white







Rigilene? is the world famous polyester boning product from Selectus. It has a multitude of purposes, providing flexible support to a range of materials without the additional bulk of traditional boning products.

Woven in one piece, Rigilene? is firm and durable whilst also flexible - it moves gently with the wearer and gives perfect support.

Rigilene? can be stitched directly to the garment by sewing along its supple edges, down the centre or across the boning.

Comfortable to wear and easy to care for, Rigilene? is extremely durable, stiffness is not lost whether washed or dry cleaned



Rigilene is probably the most popular type of boning as it is very widely available. Rigilene is made from polyester rods that have a narrow braid woven over and around them. It comes in black or white in 8 mm and 12 mm widths. This produces a very firm boning that will bend backwards and forwards. Rigilene is widely used in bridal wear both by commercial manufactures and couturiers, as well as the home dressmaker. The advantage of using Rigilene in a bodice, is that it is a very lightweight, washable and can be sewn in position by hand or machine. 

Using Rigilene

12 mm Rigilene boning is best inserted flat into a garment. It is normally inserted into the bodice side front and side back panels, following the grain line of the garment.

Before insertion cut the Rigilene to the required length (it is preferable to insert Rigelene above the waist and not to take it as low as the hip).

It is advisable to seal the ends of the Rigilene to prevent the polyester rods working proud of their braid. The preferred method is to heat seal the ends. As Rigilene is made from polyester it will melt when in contact with a very hot surface. Taking great care, hold the cut end on to a hot element ie soldering iron, electric element or run through a candle flame to melt and mold the ends.

Alternatively the ends can be sealed by using end caps (available where you purchase Rigilene) into which the cut end is inserted.

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