Item Description
This product is provided for under the Ministry of Health, medicinal and edible plant a variety of scientific formula, enriched by the extraction of hard capsules refined foods, eat a long time without side effects, for those who need supplementary food.

Use: 3 times a day, after dinner early in the 1, 2 capsules per bottle, warm water.
Specification: 60 ×. 2 bottles / box
Taboo: caution in patients with severe heart disease
Shelf life: 18 months

3 boxes of the product for a course, taking half of the first box reduction, mainly to allow the body to adapt to effects of the medicine, time is 1 month, 2 boxes follow the instructions to normal after taking half the amount as per box, 3 boxes a total of 2 months volume!
1 generation is 2 bottles of capsules, 60 capsules per bottle, 1 bottle of yellow-white capsules, 1 bottle of blue capsule, a total of 120.
葛根(the root of kudzu vine)薏苡仁(Semen Coicis),山楂(hawthorn) 枸杞子,(medlar ),菊花(ch rysanthemum),荷叶(lotus leaf),昆布(THALLUS ECKLONIAE ),莱菔子(SEMEN RAPHANI ),决明子(cassia seed ) 绞股蓝皂甙,(Gypenoside ),茶多酚 (Camelliasinensis Tags),
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