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1,000's of comics mega collection18 dvd set18 DVDsto be played on your home computer onlyHere is the complete list:of comic books on dvd 1. Uncanny X-Men (1-375 plus covers 67-93)2. Uncanny X-Men (Minus 1)3. X-Men (1-113)4. X-Men (Minus 1)5. X-Men Annuals (1992-2000)6. X-Men Unlimited v1 (1-50)7. Wolverine v1 (1-4)8. Wolverine v2 (1-189)9. Wolverine v2 (½)10. Wolverine v2 (Minus 1)11. Wolverine v2 Annuals (1,2, 1995-2001)12. Amazing Spider-Man v1 (1-441)13. Amazing Spider-Man v1 (Minus 1)14. Amazing Spider-Man v2 (1-58)15. Amazing Spider-Man Super Special 116. All Issues related to Clone Saga17. Giant-Size Spider-Man (1-6)18. Spectacular Spider-Man v1 (Minus 1)19. Spectacular Spider-Man v1 Annuals (1-14)20. Spider-Man Unlimited v1 (1-22)21. Tales to Astonish (59-101)22. Untold Tales of Spider-Man (1-25)23. Untold Tales of Spider-Man (Minus 1)24. Untold Tales of Spider-Man (Strange Encounter)25. Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annuals (1996-1997)26. Web of Spider-Man (1-129)27. Web of Spider-Man Annuals (1-10)28. Web of Spider-Man Super Special 1 X-Factor v1 (1-149)29. Amazing Spiderman Annuals 1-3430. X-Factor v1 (Minus 1)31. X-Factor v1 Annuals (1-9)32. X-Factor v2 (1-4)33. X-Factor Prelude34. X-Factor Special (Prisoner of Love)35. Spider-Man and X-Factor (1-3)36. Captain America Version 1 Issues 100–45437. Captain America Version 2 Issues 1–1338. Captain America Version 3 Issues 1-5039. Captain America Complete Annual V1 Issues 1–1340. Captain America Complete Annual Issues 199841. Captain America Complete Annual Issues 199942. Captain America Complete Annual Issues 200043. Captain America Complete Annual Issues 200144. Giant Size Captain America45. Incredible Hulk V2 Issues 102-47446. Incredible Hulk V2 Issues -147. Incredible Hulk V2 ½48. Incredible Hulk V2 Ashcan Edition49. Rampaging Hulk Magazine Complete Issues 1-2750. Daredevil V1 Issues 1-38051. Daredevil V1 Issue -152. Daredevil Annuals 1-1153. Marvel Two-in-One (1-100)54. Marvel Two-in-One Annuals (1-7)55. What If v1 (1-47)56. What If v2 (1-114)57. What If v2 (Minus 1)58. What If v2 (Special)59. Marvel Fanfare v1 (1-60)60. Marvel Fanfare v2 (1-6)61. Marvel Feature v1 (1-12)62. Marvel Feature v2 (1-7)63. Marvel Spotlight v1 (1-33)64. Marvel Spotlight v2 (1-11)65. Marvel Comics Presents (1-175)66. Marvel Premiere 1-6167. Marvel Team-Up v1 (1-150)68. Marvel Team-Up v1 Annuals (1-7)69. Marvel Team-Up v2 (1-11)70. Iron Man V1 Issues 1-33271. Iron Man V2 Issues 1-1372. Iron Man V3 Issues 1-7573. Iron Man V3 Issue ½74. Iron Man V1 Annuals 1-1575. Iron Man Annual 199876. Iron Man Annual 199977. Iron Man Annual 200078. Iron Man Annual 200179. Tales of Suspense Issues 39-9980. Fantastic Four Version 1 Issues 1-41681. Fantastic Four Version 1 Issue ½82. Fantastic Four Version 2 Issues 1-1383. Fantastic Four Version 3 Issues 1-7084. Thor v1 (126-502)85. Thor v2 (1-50)86. Journey into Mystery v1 (083-125)87. Journey into Mystery v1 (503-521)88. Journey into Mystery v1 (Minus 1)89. Sensational She-Hulk (1-60)90. Sensational She-Hulk Graphic Novel91. She-Hulk and Thing (One-Shot)92. She-Hulk Ceremony (1-2)93. Savage She-Hulk Complete Issues 1-2594. Silver Surfer v1 (1-18)95. Silver Surfer v2 (1)96. Silver Surfer v3 (1-146)97. Silver Surfer v3 (½)98. Silver Surfer v3 (Minus 1)99. Punisher Armory Complete Issues 1-10100. Punisher v1 (1-5)101. Punisher v2 (1-104)102. Punisher v2 Annuals (1-7)103. Punisher v3 (00 Series - Knights) (1-12)104. Punisher v3 (95 Series) (1-18)105. Punisher v3 (98 Series) (1-4)106. Punisher v4 (01 Series - Knights) (1-37)107. Punisher War Journal (1-40)108. Punisher War Journal (41-80)109. Punisher War Zone (1-41)110. Punisher War Zone Annuals (1-2)111. Namor v1 (1-62)112. Namor v1 Annuals (1-4)113. Prince Namor The Sub-Mariner (1-4)114. Saga of the Sub-Mariner (1-12)115. Sub-Mariner v1 (1-72)116. Sub-Mariner v1 Annuals (1-2)117. Iron Man and the Sub-Mariner (One-Shot)118. Dr. Strange in Strange Tales Issues 110,111,114-168119. Dr. Strange Master of the Mystic Arts Issues 169-183120. Dr. Strange Master of the Mystic Arts v2 Complete 1-81121. Dr. Strange Master of the Mystic Arts v2 Annual122. Dr. Strange Master of the Mystic Arts v2 Giant-Size123. Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme Ashcan Edition124. Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme Complete Issues 1-90125. Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme Annuals 2-4126. Dr. Strange The Flight of Bones Complete Issues 1-4127. The Defenders Version 1 Issues 1-90128. Secret Defenders Complete Issues 1-25129. Defenders Origin in Marvel Feature Issues 1-3130. Defenders Pre-Origin in Submariner Issues 34 & 35131. Adventures of the Thing (1-4)132. Hulk and Thing - The Big Change (Graphic Novel)133. Thing (1-36)134. Thing - Freak show (1-4)135. Thing - Night Falls on Yancy Street (1-4)136. Thing - The Last Line of Defense (1)137. Thing and She-Hulk - The Long Night (One-Shot)138. West Coast Avengers (1-4 Miniseries)139. West Coast Avengers (1-102)140. West Coast Avengers Annuals (1-8)141. Excalibur Version 1 Complete Issues 1-125142. Excalibur Version 1 Issue -1143. Excalibur Version 1 Complete Annuals 1-2144. Excalibur Weird War III (One-Shot)145. Excalibur XX-Crossing (One-Shot)146. Excalibur Air Apparent (One-Shot)147. Excalibur Mojo Mayhem (One-Shot)148. Excalibur Special The Possession (One-Shot)149. Excalibur The Sword is Drawn (One-Shot)150. Alpha Flight v1 Complete Issues 1-130151. X-Men and Alpha Flight v1 Issues 1-2152. Alpha Flight v2 Annuals (1998)153. Alpha Flight v2 (Minus 1)154. Alpha Flight v2 Complete Issues 1-20155. Alpha Flight v1 Special Issues 1-4156. Alpha Flight v1 Origin Special (One-shot)157. Alpha Flight v1 Annuals (1 & 2)158. Black Panther Complete Miniseries Issues 1-4159. Black Panther Complete Panther’s Prey Issues 1-4160. Black Panther V1 Complete Issues 1-15161. Black Panther V2 Complete Issues 1-62162. Jungle Action Complete Issues 1-24163. Champion Complete Issues 1-17164. Agent X Complete Issues 1-15165. Baby's First Deadpool Book (One-Shot)166. Deadpool Almost Destroys The Marvel Universe (Unreleased)167. Deadpool Team-up (One-Shot)168. Deadpool V1 Complete Issues 1-4169. Deadpool V2 Complete Issues 1-4170. Deadpool V3 Complete Issues 1-69171. Deadpool V3 Issue 0172. Deadpool V3 Issue -1173. Deadpool v3 Annual (1997-1998)174. Encyclopedia Deadpoolica (One-Shot)175. Force Works Complete Issues 1-22176. Force Works Ashcan Edition (One-Shot)177. Iron Man & Force Works Collectors' Preview (One-Shot)178. Heroes for Hire v2 Complete Issues (1-19)179. Heroes for Hire v2 Annual (1998)180. Iron Fist and Wolverine Complete Issues1-4181. Iron Fist v1 Complete Issues 1-15182. Iron Fist v2 (1996) 1-2183. Iron Fist v3 (1998) 1-3184. Cage v1 Complete Issues 1-20185. Cage v2 Complete Issues 1-5186. Howard the Duck v1 Complete Issues 1-33187. Howard the Duck v2 Complete Issues 1-6188. Howard the Duck Holiday Special189. Howard the Duck Magazine Complete Issues 1-9190. Howard the Duck Newspaper Strips191. Howard the Duck The Movie Complete Issues 1-3192. Howard the Duck v1 Annual 193. Invaders v1 Complete Issues 1-41194. Invaders v2 Complete Issues 1-4195. Invaders v1 Annual196. Invaders v1 Giant-Size197. Moon Knight Marc Spector Complete Issues 1-60198. Moon Knight Divided We Fall199. Moon Knight Special 1 (1992)200. Moon Knight Special Edition 1-3201. Moon Knight v1 Complete Issues 1-38202. Moon Knight v2 Fist of Konshu Complete Issues 1-6203. Moon Knight v3 Resurrection War Complete Issues 1-4204. Moon Knight v3 High Strangers Complete Issues 1-4205. Hero For Hire Complete Issues 1-16206. Power Man Issues 17-66207. Power Man and Iron Fist Issues 67-125208. Power Man Annual209. Giant-Size Power Man210. Cable (1-107)211. Cable (Minus 1)212. Cable Annuals (1998,1999)213. Cable Blood and Metal (1-2)214. Ghost Rider v1 (1-81)215. Ghost Rider v2 (1-93)216. Ghost Rider v2 (Minus 1)217. Ghost Rider v2 Annuals (1-2)218. Ghost Rider v3 (1-6)219. Ghost Rider v3 (½)220. Ghost Rider Blaze Spirits of Vengeance (1-23)221. Midnight Sons Unlimited (1-9)222. All Issues of Man-Thing223. Morbius (1-32)224. Adventure Into Fear (20-31)225. All Issues of M2 Universe226. New Mutants Graphic Novel227. New Mutants Special (One-Shot)228. New Mutants Summer Special (One-Shot)229. New Mutants Truth or Death (1-3)230. New Mutants v1 (1-100)231. New Mutants v1 Annuals (1-7)232. New Mutants v2 (1-13)233. All Issues of New Warriors234. U.S. War Machine (1-12)235. War Machine (1-25)236. War Machine Ashcan Edition (One-Shot)237. U.S. War Machine 2.0 (1-3)