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iOffer is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell practically anything. There are 100+ million items for sale with thousands of active buyers and sellers. iOffer was founded in 2002 and is based in San Francisco, California.

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I love shopping on iOffer because the purses, wallets, and sunglasses are nice looking and reasonably priced. I will most defiantly be buying all my items from this site. :)

A great place to shop with a lot of range. Hats off to iOffer.

I would absolutely purchase further items from iOffer because their service is way better than other online shopping.

I love the quality and the rarity of finding shows cartoons, and movies you can not get elsewhere

Love shopping at iOffer because its straight forward, thousands of selections, you can make offers and negociate prices with the sellers and the sellers respond right away..i personally LOVE this site:)

You can find films and TV shows you can't find anywhere else!

I love it, you can find everything here. It's easy to shopping when you're relaxing at home

I like to buy on iOffer because I always find all the things I am looking for! Thanks

I love iOffer because the products are amazing & it's always a low cost but great value!!

Been a positive experience so far. Bargain items from nice sellers. Will keep using regularly

Have been very pleased with all of my products ordered! Will buy again.

I must say if I ever need to shop online iOffer is the first place I come, the variety is fantastic and although I know each seller is independent of iOffer- I have total trust, and friendly experience with each purchase I make. iOffer shopping experience is always a pleasure as it's not just the high quality products ( which are amazing), every seller is kind and wants to help out. Finally the prices are fantastic and the quality is always high. So well done for being a consistently great place to shop online, and my FAVOURITE! xSkye


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