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iOffer is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell practically anything. There are 100+ million items for sale with thousands of active buyers and sellers. iOffer was founded in 2002 and is based in San Francisco, California.

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iOffer is a great place to find items that aren't easy to find any where else.

I love shopping on iOffer - it was my first time and it went well. The goods are perfect and the delivery time was as long as they said it will take. I will continue buying on iOffer.

This site is awesome for well priced hard to find movie/seasons! So happy we found it!!!

Shopping on iOffer I can manage to find several item in a great price. Great to shopping with you guys, Thanks :)

Because everything sell on iOffer is good price.That why I love shopping on iOffer.com.

iOffer is excellent with good quality items at reasonable prices, best on the internet!

I prefer iOffer because it is very trustful and I can rely on the sellers.

I love iOffer I'm totally addicted and I've got my friends addicted too!

Great items, great prices, mostly free delivery which is a big attraction

I love, love, love shopping here the good look great, good quality and great designs

This is a one stop shopping site. Due to my crazy work schedule I can't seem to catch any great sales. With iOffer I can shop anytime and the price is always rite.

I love make shopping on iOffer because produits proposed are good quality


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