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iOffer is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell practically anything. There are 100+ million items for sale with thousands of active buyers and sellers. iOffer was founded in 2002 and is based in San Francisco, California.

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I love shopping on iOffer.com because I am able to get unique items at very reasonable prices.

Love shopping on iOffer! Excellent sellers, unique products and good prices!

I have found so many items that I couldn't get elsewhere. The prices are reasonable and the shipping is quick.

Because the high quality of products and fast Delivery times.

I love it, you can find everything here. It's easy to shopping when you're relaxing at home

I love shopping on iOffer.com because of all the rare dvd's you can buy.

i love iOffer i do alot of my shopping on here and i never had a bad transaction with anyone

The reason why I love iOffer is they have the show that other places don't.

Very good experience! Very fast delivery and good quality! Thx

If I'm looking for OOP films on dvd, I always check this site. I've saved so much money shopping here while expanding my movie collection.

I love the items great quality!! They have every thing we need!!!


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