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  THE COMPLETE DRAMA W/ EXCELLENT ENGLISH SUBTITLES (on/off)  Will Play on Most DVD-players and PSP players.   Please ask all questions before finalizing the transaction. All items are open to reasonable negotiations. Details from Wiki    * Title: 鍾無艷 / Zhong Wu Yen    * Genre: Romance    * Episodes: 19    * Broadcast network: TTV / SETTV    * Broadcast period: 2010-Jul-25 to 2010-Nov-28    * Air time: Sundays 22:00 - 23:30    * Opening theme song: Dao Bu Liao De Xing Fu (到不了的幸福) by Bii    * Ending theme song: Zhuan Sheng Yi Hou (轉身之後) by Bii SynopsisA re-imagining of the story of Zhong Wu Yan in which she lives in the 21st century. Wu Yen is intelligent and compassionate, but she lacks one thing that her fiancé really cares about: Beauty. And despite her numerous success in saving him from being overthrown from his father's company, he nonetheless prefers the beautiful Xia Ying Chun when dust settles. So it becomes a mystery to her friends and family as to why she still sticks around her good for nothing fiancé.Cast    * Cheryl Yang as Zhong Wu Yen 鍾無艷         * Chen Shi Ying (陳詩穎) as Childhood Wu Yen     * Ming Dao as Qi Xuan 齊宣         * Fu Xian Hao (傅顯皓) as Childhood Qi Xuan     * Chris Wu as Howard    * Wang Si Ping (王思平) as Xia Ying Chun 夏迎春 Others    * Miao Ke Li as Tiang Ying 田瑛    * Figaro Ceng as Wu Da wei 吳大衞    * Song Xin Ni as Zhong Wu You 鍾無憂    * Patrick Li (李沛旭) as Lin Gai Shi 林蓋世    * Zhao Zi Qiang (趙自強) Zhong Chu Hong 鍾楚鴻    * Wang Dao as Qi Wei 齊威    * Tan Ai Zhen as Meng Ke 孟珂    * Achel Chang as Zhi Yin 知音    * Fu Lei (傅雷) as Li Zhong 李忠    * Wang Bi De (王彼得) as Sun Bin 孫矉    * Chen Wei Min as Zhang Chou 張丑    * Lin Xiao Lou (林小樓) as Wan Ru 婉如    * Qian De Men as Tao Wan Fu 陶萬福    * Chang Qing (長青) as Factory worker    * An Xin Ya (安心亞) as Receptionist   I have other dramas with Excellent English Subtitles and some are not listed yet. Send me a request and I will let you know if I have the drama you want. Please note that the DVDs will come in sleeves with hand written titles. Please ask all questions before to avoid misunderstandings. I would like to get good feedbacks on all transactions.