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Zagato Granulator

Introducing the all-new, powerful Zagato Granulator; a wire chopping system that enables your business to chop and seperate different materials from aluminium, plastic, copper and many other materials. If that isn't enough, here at , you are purchasing direct from the factory so you truly are getting the real deal from a highly regarded supplier.

We bet you're wondering what makes the Zagato so unique. Below you will see exactly why the Zegato Granulator is the world's best granulator and why it's a must for your business.

Zagato Granuloators
The Zagato Is Big

The bigger the better! The Zagato truly is the best granulator on the market. Due to its pure size, the Zagato Granulator is the perfect solution for chopping wire in high volumes. Chopping day and night is easy with the Zagato- Get Yours Today!

The Zagato Is Powerful

It's not only massive, it's extremely powerful. With the amazing ability of seperating up to 800lbs per hour with a 40hp granulator and up to 500lbs per hour with the 25hp granulator, the Zagato truly is the first choice for seperating materials.

The Zagato Is Perfect

The Zagato truly is the perfect solution for seperating materials. Boasting a 7.5hp Baldor blower, a 1hp Baldor Motor on the seperation table and a 3hp dust collector with a dual canister filtration system and cleaning action arms, the well-acclaimed Zagato Granulator is the best on the market.