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Z.O.E Zone of the Enders - Complete series (26 episodes + OVA Z.O.E.: 2167 Idolo)

2167. deep in a hidden laboratory, the Martians are testing new weapons technology that's going to blow Earth away! Hotshot pilot Lieutenant Radium Lavans is taking charge of a program to lead the fight against Earth's oppressive rule - or is the program taking charge of him? The mineral substance used to power this secret weapon has a mind of its own! As the UNSF works to thwart a possible Martian uprising, the Orbital Frame project development team has no time to lose! Will Radium be able to force the Idolo beta unit to choose a noble destiny, or will the power of Metatron consume him completely?

Audio: English, Japanese
Subtitle: English (optional)
Format: 6 DVDs

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