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YOUNG, VIOLENT and DESPERATE. Directed by Romolo Guerrieri. Italian sleaze. Three young punks out getting some kicks by knocking over a gas station. Their crimes soon escalate (bank robbery, abuse, brutality,  murder, kidnapping, etc.) to the point where they get the attention of the entire Milan police force. The film is filled with some unexpected violence as the young thugs show just how tough they are and how little they care about human life. Throw in a few decent car chases and you've got a nice little Poliziotteschi. The ending is another unexpected moment with a nice twist.
Uncut. English Language. Uncut.
.- 1976  F.S. Color.  - English Language.

TANGO of PERVERSION aka Tango 2001. Directed by Kostas Karagiannis. Violent Greek shocker. The club TANGO is the hangout of a group of kids who live for nothing but pleasure. One of them seduces beautiful Joanna by giving her dope, but her boyfriend catches them... His revenge is brutal rape and murder... Uncut. .- 1975  F.S. Color.  - English Language.

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