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warriorforum dot com/warrior-special-offers-forum/389078-bold-promise-you-make-money-48hrs-else-get-refund-starting-1-a.html Value: $18 Reserved for FAQ’s.NOTE: This Product Needs you to Have Google Adwords Account, only Then You Could Be Earning Cash in Short Time.Que: So, what is 10hrs Cash System in nutshell?Ans: 10hrs Cash System is about promoting a “hidden” yet awesome niche product and make money every day. Product is promoted via adwords in some specific keywords (keywords are included in course). So, you just need to follow course and make sale. Later, you can scale it by other paid/free traffic sources.Que: What would be the investment in system?Ans: Initially you can start with $50 in adwords spend (i say make your budget as $100/day for better result) then the more sale you get, the more you can spend and later scale to bing and yahoo.Que: So, i will surely earn $80+ every day?Ans: I come to the figure of $80+ per day based on my income from the product. You could be earning $30, $40 etc (in profit) per day. However as i have said above scale it to PPV, FB networks etc to multiply your income.Que: So, I’ll be making money in 10hrs right?Ans: You will be making money in 10hrs once you complete the setup and let your campaign run for few days, once you get leads in your aweber, you can see cash with in 10hrs of mailing them.