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WOMEN Useful to increase secretion of vagina, improve sex desire. After

taking this product woman's vagina will began to suck and shrink and women

reach orgasm faster. The product is very useful for a sexless person or a

woman with a dull and dry vagina. The effects of one tablet can last for up

to 120 hours! Each Bottle contains 6 tablets -Very Potent Combination of

Aphrodisiacs and Restorative Herbs -Works Very

Well For Both Men and Women -All Herbal

Natural - NO Prescription Required

Safe, Natural, Effective This 100% natural product is made using a modern

bioengineering technology without any hormonal or exciting ingredients.

INDICATIONS For treatment of Erectional Dysfunction (ED), premature

ejaculation, low potency, lack of sex drive or sex desire. Also useful as a

recreational sex enhancement = penis enlargement or vagina tune-up pills.

DIRECTIONS of USE Take 1 tablet and swallow with a bit of warm water before

sexual intercourse. For a better effect the tablet can be chewed on or

taken on empty stomach.

STORAGE In a room temperature, dark place. Keep out of reach of children!

NOTE Not recommended to take more than once in 24 hours. Not to be used by

minors! Expiration date 3 years from the date of manufacture (stamped on

inside of each pack) This product have not been evaluated by the American

FDA and is not intended to diagnose or cure any serious diseases.
YING DA WANG Female & Male Enhancement 6 Sex Pills


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