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Original Factory Pressed CD with full color artwork.
YES Before The Birth Of Yes 1963 - 1970 Double Seymour Japan
Disc 1, Happy Magazine (w/ Alan White): Who Belongs To You, Beautiful Land. Federals (W/ Tony Kaye): Brazil, In A Persian Market, The Climb, Dance With A Dolly, Boot Hill, Keep On Dancin’ With Me, Marlena, Please Believe Me, Twilight Time, Lost And Alone, Bucketful Of Love, Leah. The In Crowd (W/ Steve Howe): Why Must They Criticize?, I Don’t Mind. Keith West (W/ Steve Howe): Engel Fallen Night Vom Himmel, Shy Boy. The Warriors (W/ Jon Anderson): You Came Along. Hans Christian (Jon Anderson): Sonata Of Love, Mississippi HoboDisc 2, Tomorrow (W/ Steve Howe): Revolution, Three Jolly Little Dwarfs. Winston’s Fumbs (W/ Tony Kaye): Real Crazy Apartment, Snow White. Syndicats (W/ Steve Howe): Maybelline, True To Me, Howlin’ For My Baby, What To Do, On The Horizon, Crawdaddy Simone. Dib Cochrane & The Earwigs (W/ Rick Wakeman): Oh Baby, Universal Love. Paul Williams Set (W/ Alan White): My Sly Sadie, Please Stop The Wedding. Happy Magazine (W/ Alan White): Satisfied Street, Do Right Woman Do Right Man. SYN (W/ Chris Squire & Peter Banks): Created By Clive, Grounded. Tomorrow (W/ Steve Howe): My White Bicycle, Claramount Lake. Yes: For Everyone