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YAMAHA SU-700 Professional Sampling Factory - Memory Upgrade !
Excellent Condition, including Power cord, Sampling Software & Manual (CD)

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One of the coolest sampler / sequencer music boxes around and it's from Yamaha! Yamaha has officially stepped into the dance genre with this one! The SU-700 is an all-in-one music production studio of the AKAI MPC-3000 type. But it adds many cool features to make any DJ, musician or hobbyist an instant sampling and sequencing techno wizard! The first thing you'll notice is its ability to auto-match beats and loops to the same tempo for instant music making without the hassles!
The sampler section is sophisticated enough for even the highest grade of professional studio work. Analog and digital inputs with variable sampling rates and bit rates! Sounds coming into the SU-700 can be processed instantly through the filters and effects without even needing to be sampled. Sampled sounds can be auto truncated, auto looped, auto beat matched and auto time-sliced! Each sample is stored in one of the pads from which you can trigger it, edit and so on. The sequencer section is also pretty fly whether you're gonna program every note in or create a live performance in real time! Build and drop out tracks in real time while editing, filtering and tweaking other parameters!
For grooving, the SU-700 is well equipped. There are 12 knobs providing access to all the important edit parameters for real-time tweaks. These knobs can even be individually assigned to each of the sample pads for specialized tweaks! There's a ribbon control for added enjoyment. A Groove function to vary your beats, lots of excellent effects (3 simultaneous). Resonant low, high and band pass filters and a flexible LFO make for great filtering and sweeping effects. The SU-700 is ideal for any DJ or musician looking for a simplified but incredibly professional way to make your own killer dance music - live or in the studio! It is used by Speedy J.
Sampling Section Max. Polyphony 64
Signal Processing 16-bit linear, 8-bit linear 
Stereo sampling supported. 
A/D 18-bit
 D/A 18-bit
Sampling Frequencies Analog input: 44.1, 22.05, or 11.025 kHz
(Results can be monitored at any frequency prior to recording.) 
Digital or optical input: 48.0 or 32.0 kHz
Sampling Wave Memory 4MB RAM (standard)
Sampling Time
(with standard 4MB RAM)
At 44.1 kHz, stereo, 16-bit: 22.3 sec. 
At 22.05 kHz, mono, 16-bit: 89.3 sec. 
At 11.025 kHz, mono, 8-bit: 357.2 sec.
Audio Sequencer Tempo (BPM)
40.0 - 299.9
Internal, MIDI sync, MTC slave
42 tracks
Up to 20 songs
Effector Effector types
Three effects can be used simultaneously. 
Can be applied to the source from the analog input.
 User Interface Display Custom 4-color fluorescent (FL) display
16-alphanumeric display area; segment display area; custom display area
Ribbon Controller
12 pads (8 pads are touch [velocity] sensitive)
12 rotary-encoder knobs (non-click type)
Data Storage Internal Drive Floppy Disk Drive (3.5-inch 2DD/2HD)
Connection Terminals Line Out
Line/Mic In
AC Inlet
L/MONO and R (phone jacks)
L and R (phone jacks)
Stereo phone jack (High output level)
Power Ratings US
Europe & UK
120V, 30W
220V to 240V, 30W
Dimensions 14.3" (W) x 12.2" (D) x 4.5" (H) (363 x 310  x 115 mm)
Weight 13.2 lb. (6.0kg)